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Retooling and drawing.

Posted by tschak909, 21 June 2006 · 233 views

Wanted to let you guys know, that I am still working on the game. I've been in the process of re-building it in ATASM on the Linux side, instead of using MAC/65 inside the Atari 800 itself. I got tired of being squinched into 40 columns.

My current goal right now, is to refactor and get the invaders display working again, then work on getting the bottom half of the display working, and get player movement working.

I have put together a more comprehensive set of system equates, merging information from the Programmers Card on De Re Atari, and the ATARI OS SYSTEM EQUATES file, from an internal Atari document dated March of 1982. I am modifying the memory map chart that I provided earlier, to more accurately reflect what's being used in the zero page, but it is nice to know that the top 128 bytes of page 0 are available "for user programs"

I have attached a picture of a crater design that I am working on for the bottom half of the background.

Talk to you guys soon,

[attachment=1168:attachment] <-- doing a sketch of the moon background.

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