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59% done

Posted by atari2600land, in ActionMax 21 January 2017 · 16 views

My computer is just trying to aggravate me on purpose. Why else would it keep freezing on me? I've had to restart the program I'm using three times, and when that didn't help, I restarted the whole computer. I think my progress has been saved now since it actually didn't give me an error message when I tried to close the program. Every time I inserted a s...

A quintet of oranges

Posted by atari2600land, 20 January 2017 · 31 views

I worked some more on Oranges last night. There are now 5 oranges in the game. I have to put some more code in there to make sure the game doesn't form a wall of oranges. It SHOULD be easy to do with an "if (orange1x>150) && (orange2x>160) then orange2x++;" essentially having the second orange hold until the first orange gets to 150. I had...


Posted by atari2600land, in 47 sightings 19 January 2017 · 42 views

Hey gang, saw 47 a couple of times.
One time I was flipping through the channels and saw a show about a baby who weighed 47 pounds.
I also just happened to look at the horoscope (something I never do), and it said for those born today, one of their lucky numbers is 47. It needs to drop one more degree so it can be 47 degrees outside here.

Some random orange knocked me in the head!

Posted by atari2600land, 18 January 2017 · 44 views

Back to the Oranges GB game. Today's update: Making the oranges random. Some kind people on the GB programming forums helped me with this. And I will relate it to you now.
There is a timer on the Game Boy's hardware that updates 16,384 times per second (I think that's what they said.) It is register 0xFF04. This is what Tetris used to make the shapes rand...

Jaguar time

Posted by atari2600land, 17 January 2017 · 53 views

Awaiting Rebooteroids for the Jaguar in the mail. It's the first game I'd be getting for the Jaguar in years. I haven't played the Jaguar in quite some time. I rescued it from the frigid temperatures on Friday. It still works. If the Jaguar is 64-bit, then that should mean it can run Super Mario 64 on it. But I just can't imagine that happening. Or any 3D...

Flashy title screen

Posted by atari2600land, 16 January 2017 · 58 views

...but not in a good way. I was all set to work some more on Oranges, when I noticed when I started the game, for a few frames, possibly even just 2 or so, something flashed on the screen, then it went white (green?) for the same amount of time, and then the title screen popped up. I don't even know what had flashed on there, possibly the letters before t...

Orange onslaught

Posted by atari2600land, 15 January 2017 · 66 views

So I decided to work on the Game Boy game I gave up on. The problem I was having was printf wasn't working. But last night, I made it work. Only problem is, the first line of text has to be on the top. I would like to lower it on the title screen, but I can't. Help time, though I probably won't get any on the GBDK forums. Anyway, after I got that figured...

Fixing a hole

Posted by atari2600land, 13 January 2017 · 85 views

So I spent like five hours trying to put a hole in Snowman for the Odyssey 2. I came back to it after I had an idea about putting holes in it in my sleep last night. So I go to open the last file and the last time I worked on it was 12/31. Doesn't seem like that long ago, but it really does now. I guess because the days whiz by now. I swear days used to b...

Cold Jaguar

Posted by atari2600land, 12 January 2017 · 61 views

I decided to quit the celery project for the 2600 because nobody was helping and I got angry each time I tried and failed to do something on it. So I decided to actually get that Jaguar cartridge of Rebooteroids. I just wished there was a version that didn't come with a box to help bring the price down. I don't even keep the boxes anyway. I have this big...

46% done

Posted by atari2600land, in ActionMax 10 January 2017 · 47 views

I am about half-way done with making Snowman's Land for the ActionMax. This one will be 13 minutes long. I got in the mood to do it (you have to be in the mood to fight with a computer). So I did not one minute, but TWO minutes' worth of putting enemies in. So now I have 6 minutes' worth total of it. The program crashed a couple times but luckily saved my...

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