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New Odyssey 2 project

Posted by atari2600land, 01 September 2014 · 57 views

The cat thing wasn't going anywhere, so I decided to try another project. First I needed an idea. I looked at all the 2k games for the Atari 2600. I stopped at Kaboom!. I thought "Since Alien Greed 5 is kind of like Kaboom!, why not port the original Kaboom to the Odyssey 2?" So I worked for a few hours and got this:

The guy moves left and right, but do...

Victory Run

Posted by atari2600land, in TG-16 31 August 2014 · 71 views

Ahh, the smell of...defeat. I kept getting a game over on level 1. But I learned how to survive level 1 and now i keep getting a game over in level 2. I guess the problem was I wasn't going fast enough. Or perhaps I don't know how to drive a car. So I don't know how the stick shift works. Well, after experimenting, I figured out what to do in case I get i...

Alien Crush

Posted by atari2600land, in TG-16 29 August 2014 · 87 views

I finally found a Turbo-Grafx game I like. It's Alien Crush. I got this in the mail today and really enjoyed my first time playing it. It's my favorite TG-16 game so far. I got Alien Crush because Devil's Crush was way more expensive. I guess since it's a better game, but I am happy and fine with Alien Crush. I like pinball games, so it's a good fit for m...


Posted by atari2600land, in TG-16 28 August 2014 · 97 views

I can't do the trampoline in trip 1 round 3. Every time I try to do it, I end up in the water. I tried a running start, I tried everything and I can't do it. So I looked at a YouTube video and saw someone successfully complete the trampoline jump and I'm like "HOW DID HE DO THAT?!" It's just so frustrating that I can't figure out how. I tried jumping on t...

Castle of Doom

Posted by atari2600land, 27 August 2014 · 91 views

Work resumes on Castle of Doom. I spent some time last night trying to add animations to the game, but sometimes it looked as though Bob was floating in the air even though he was on the edge of a block. I eventually gave up. So now I have some more room to make more rooms thanks to bogax. I think the final game will be 8k. One bank for the gameplay data...

Turbo Grafx 16 is expensive!

Posted by atari2600land, 25 August 2014 · 114 views

Why is it that the cheapest sports titles for the TG16 on eBay are like $10?! And the half-way decent games start at $20? Is it really that rare of a thing to have a Turbo Grafx 16? I just bought Pac-Land. Cost me 21 friggin dollars. $21! Why?! All I want is a few decent TG16 games. Why do I have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get a few half-way dec...

Insecticide is moving along

Posted by atari2600land, 24 August 2014 · 115 views

So I got the urge to program Insecticide some more. As a result, of four hours of labor, I now have programmed the computer opponent's special moves in. The hardest part was figuring out how to make the "camera" move when Gi-Ant or Behe-Moth threw you. The camera doesn't follow you if they throw you out of the arena, though. This is because the arena's ed...

Two dogs

Posted by atari2600land, 23 August 2014 · 81 views

So my sister and her family are off to Disneyland for a week. She has a dog. Someone needs to take care of it. Apparently that would be us. We already have a dog. Now we have two dogs this week. Two dogs and a cat. Woo. Good thing our dog likes her dog. They get along good. The only trouble is her dog won't take her pills. We had to mash them up and put i...

King of Casino

Posted by atari2600land, in TG-16 22 August 2014 · 102 views

So I like casino games. It's cool that you get to wager stuff and the only money you'd lose is from buying the game. Let's get this straight, though, I'm not a gambling addict. So anyway, I bought the game King of Casino for the Turbo-Grafx 16 off eBay a few days ago. It came today. I popped it in. It's a fun little game, although they don't have video po...

Battletoads Sega Game Gear about $4 (part 2)

Posted by atari2600land, 21 August 2014 · 90 views

Well, the lot came in the mail today. My haul was this:
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Primal Rage
Shinobi II
Spider Man and the X-Men
Super Battle Tank
All work and all came in their own clamshell cases. So I'm happy. Another Positive Five-star feedback awarded to another seller I stumbled upon. So now I have 52 Game Gear games. One for every w...

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