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Frank works!

Posted by atari2600land, in Frank the Fruit Fly 09 December 2016 · 14 views

So I got my Game Boy Everdrive in the mail today. Attempted to figure out how to put the micro SD card in the slot. Made the SD card fall into the cartridge a few times, it fell out when I shook it and turned it upside down. I put the current version of Frank in there (version 12, today's) onto the card along with the GBOS.gb file. I turned the Game Boy o...

Frank and snow

Posted by atari2600land, in Frank the Fruit Fly 09 December 2016 · 32 views

While I was waiting for the snow to come in, I decided to work on Frank the Fruit Fly. The task was to put the classic Game Boy font in instead of the weirdo font that was already in there. So I ran that Tetris rom I downloaded and ripped the font. What I did was I saved the asm file at the same place where the letters were defined. I got the letters' def...

Golf and snow.

Posted by atari2600land, 07 December 2016 · 55 views

So it's supposed to snow beginning at 6am. And I woke up at 2pm. The reason I woke up at 2pm is because I had an idea. While sleeping. I was dreaming I was working on a golf game for the Atari 2600. Then I half woke up and began scheming how to do this. I decided to go ahead and work on this. And I have an updated version than the one I posted earlier. Th...

It's not fun unless you can see it.

Posted by atari2600land, 06 December 2016 · 69 views

Well, it's apparently snowing right now. I went outside because I heard it was snowing on the weather channel (local news doesn't start until 4:30). There is snow falling, but it's so small you can't see it. And it's not going to stick because it's 36. I wanted to look outside and see the snow. I look outside and see nothing because the snowflakes aren't...

47 sightings this weekend

Posted by atari2600land, in 47 sightings 05 December 2016 · 67 views

- a guy in a Bowflex Max ad, Phil, was age 47.
- the Seattle Seahawks beat the Carolina Panthers 40-7. The total number of points scored between the two teams: 47.
- the temperatures got to 47 degrees a lot around here lately. Things are going to be colder, right now it's 37. They're threatening snow around here tonight. It's almost 1am and no sign of sno...

Those pyramids are expensive

Posted by atari2600land, 03 December 2016 · 74 views

So I have been thinking about that Pyramids of Ra game for Game Boy I saw at the store. I did some research and found out it's kind of rare. NintendoAge lists it as an R7, while Digital Press listed it as an R4, but the loose price is $60 or so. So I went to buy it, along with a few cheapies I owned once but lost: Dr. Mario and Alleyway. I paid $7.99 for...

Bowl Game (part 3)

Posted by atari2600land, in Frank the Fruit Fly 01 December 2016 · 92 views

I went back and fixed the toilet. At first I thought it wasn't symmetrical, but that was because my BGB window was all screwed up. So I fixed that and it looks great now.

And that stupid game I bought from eBay still hasn't arrived. I had to let him know. I think it got lost in the mail. The last update on tracking was last Saturday. I told him if it di...

Bowl Game (part 2)

Posted by atari2600land, in Frank the Fruit Fly 30 November 2016 · 83 views

So I'm thinking this will be the final toilet.

I'm sick of redesigning it to get rid of every imperfection. You'll notice it's wider. I wanted to make it longer as well, but apparently you can only have so many sprites on the screen at once. I had a bigger toilet, but Frank's animation wasn't working correctly, so I had to reduce the toilet size. I gues...

Bowl Game

Posted by atari2600land, in Frank the Fruit Fly 29 November 2016 · 82 views

So, even though I wanted to wait until my Everdrive came, I still somehow managed to work on the game some more. I spent the whole night working on it, eventually going to sleep at about 3:30AM. Didn't get up until 1:30PM, so I didn't get my usual 12 hours of sleep. But it was so anger inducing. I bet I could have saved myself a few hours work if I had kn...


Posted by atari2600land, in Frank the Fruit Fly 28 November 2016 · 75 views

Working on Frank again. I noticed that most of the Game Boy games using C have this blog's entry title in it ( wait_vbl_done(); ). Mine did not. So, always wanting to conform when it comes to programming, I put it in there. It slowed the program down. A lot . So I worked and worked to get the music and fly's speed up to where it once was. I cleaned my roo...

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