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Christmas comes early

Posted by atari2600land, in Commodore 64 10 December 2018 · 33 views

Got 4 packages in the mail today. Gee, what the mailman must think of me. I ordered these on separate days, and they all came on the same day. 4 Commodore 64 games, 2 Game Boy games and a 2600 repro were all added to "the collection." I was working on something until 2am, then I worked on my Commodore 64 game for a while. Went to sleep at about 3:30am and...

Keep it simple

Posted by atari2600land, in Commodore 64 09 December 2018 · 41 views

So I had some long convoluted code in order to keep the bits in $d010 under control. Then it occurred to me that I could probably just turn the bits on and off instead of changing the whole value at once. One Google search later led me to how to do this. I added the vegetable in, a lovely piece of broccoli. Thus leading me to only have 34 lines of code ex...

Meeting SID

Posted by atari2600land, in Commodore 64 08 December 2018 · 50 views

No, not Sid Caesar. No, not SID the Spellbinder, the SID, the one responsible for Commodore 64 sounds. It stands for Sound Interface Device. With help from AtariAge member carlsson, I now have sound in my game. It takes some getting used to talking to SID, but once you know what to say to it, it will reply with glorious music (well, as glorious as you can...

The sounds of silence

Posted by atari2600land, in Commodore 64 08 December 2018 · 51 views

I guess my game is going to have to be silent. I made a .sid file, I found some code on how to activate the SID. I put it in. Nothing. I tried it with just the code, creating an all-new .asm file. Silence.
But at least my game is looking a little bit better after adding the French fry to shoot. That was one heck of a few hours of cursing and yellin...

Hamburgers Going to Switzerland.

Posted by atari2600land, in Commodore 64 07 December 2018 · 58 views

I made a lot. Now I'm tired. Here is a screenshot of the game so far.

I am wondering what to do about the border, though. If I get rid of it, the clouds end early and that looks ugly. If I put it in, the clouds end okay, but the big border looks kind of ugly.
Next up, I want to do some music for the title screen. Right now the silence is really awkward....


Posted by atari2600land, 06 December 2018 · 71 views

So I can't do hamburgers. I tried and tried but could not get multicolored sprites to work. It kept giving me the sprite as if it was not multicolored. So I decided to instead put lettuce in the game. I put in a lettuce sprite. And I have it moving back and forth. I don't really know how to define variables yet, so I had to guess. I am guessing this is ok...

Title screen

Posted by atari2600land, 05 December 2018 · 52 views


Now what I want to do is have this start automatically WITHOUT me typing "SYS 4096." The * symbol does not want to work in DASM, so * = 1000 is out of the question...

Commodore 64 - expensive.

Posted by atari2600land, 05 December 2018 · 47 views

A few years ago, I bought a Commodore 64 at a used video game shop. Periodically I get it out and play with it and then it goes back in the garage. The first computer I ever used (when I was 3 or so), was Commodore 64. But sadness came the day Dad sold it because he bought me an NES.
Anyway, I want to get back into C64 collecting. But there's a pro...

New SMB1 Comic

Posted by atari2600land, 04 December 2018 · 51 views

Well, apparently there is no SMB1 calendar for 2019. Shucks. I thought up of a good joke for my SMB1 comic. Since all of the ones are screen grabs of an actual SMB game in progress, I had to time it just right to get this one. Fortunately, you can press PAUSE and the game freezes so you can get a good picture from your emulator (like the guys who programm...


Posted by atari2600land, 03 December 2018 · 53 views

I have been making a new game for the Atari 2600 called "4-Mula." Here is its backstory:
Alien Professor McScooper was hard at work creating the successor to 3-Up called 4-Up. This was, of course, the days before 7-Up. The humans wanted to try 4-Up for themselves. They had heard it was 1,000 times better than Coke or Pepsi and wanted it so badly th...

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