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Programming the Odyssey 2 is hard.

Posted by atari2600land, 26 November 2014 · 30 views

It took me two and a half hours to make a what would seem to be simple change to one of the new secret programs I'm making. Well, there's only one secret program I'm making. After a few failed attempts, I told myself "I am going to get this stupid thing fixed." After two hours, I got it fixed, but only on O2EM and Homer. When I went to test it on real har...

When bad things happen to good submarines

Posted by atari2600land, in gosub intv 24 November 2014 · 81 views

So I worked on GoSub for the Intellivision again tonight. I added a few things. First, I added a game over screen. Now when you die for the final time, the maze disappears, you get a "game over" message in the middle of the screen and your octopus count and stuff are still down at the bottom. Second, I got pretty tired of the crashing sound being a dull o...

Carmageddon 64

Posted by atari2600land, 22 November 2014 · 78 views

So I went to the game store. I saw Carmageddon 64 loose for $15. I would have bought it except for the fact that I already have it. If anyone wants it, I can go back next weekend and if it's still there, buy it for you and mail it. It's a pretty rare game. I think I bought mine on the Internet. This is the first time I have seen it in the "semi" wild. I w...


Posted by atari2600land, in gosub intv 21 November 2014 · 75 views

So after a two week long hiatus that involved me getting angry at attempting to program other systems, I went back to the Intellivision version of GoSub. I wanted to solve the problem of using the keypad to fire. I didn't want that to happen. So I think I have figured it out after an hour and using the controller program. The lower left fire button's valu...

Drop Off

Posted by atari2600land, in TG-16 20 November 2014 · 86 views

So basically this game is a combination of Breakout, Bust-A-Move and Quarth. Lame back story aside, the game is super hard. Basically what you're trying to do is break apples with your ball bouncing back and forth. If your paddle touches an apple, the game is over. No lives for you. And the game is so hard, I doubt even the programmers can make it to leve...

The intro to Bubba's Buck Blastin'

Posted by atari2600land, 18 November 2014 · 69 views

So I finished the introduction to it. It isn't very complex, just a voice over over footage I shot of driving through a freeway on the forest. So I did my best redneck voice and said the intro, about a minute long, about how the alien deer are all over the forest. I am so surprised ActionMax didn't do a hunting video. It would be perfect with a GUN. Oh we...

Bubba Returns

Posted by atari2600land, 18 November 2014 · 86 views

Well, I finally did it. It took an hour and a half of me being very sleepy and fighting with my video editing software, but I finished the shooting part of Bubba's Buck Blastin'. For newcomers to my blog, it's my ActionMax homebrew game I've been working on. The shooting part is about 12 minutes long. That makes five minutes' worth of non-shooting parts t...

Nintendo Stuff

Posted by atari2600land, 15 November 2014 · 107 views

With the power outages hopefully done with for now, I have resumed work on the second issue of Nintendo Stuff. I will put issue 1 out to the public on December 1. It has reviews of Superman 64 and Bust a Move 99. Most of the games I've been reviewing are for the N64. It's the system that I grew up with. I was 14 when the thing debuted and so it involved m...

I hate power outages

Posted by atari2600land, 14 November 2014 · 118 views

This marked the third power outage in the last 16 hours. This morning, I just woke up and the power went out. For over an hour. Last night, the power was out for 45 minutes, and then again a few hours later for an hour. It had been close to freezing and raining, so I'm guessing tree limbs falling on power lines, but three of them so close together? I woke...


Posted by atari2600land, 13 November 2014 · 82 views

As much as I like the number 47, there is another number that is bugging me. It's 33. That's how cold it has been all day long. If it only got to 32, then it might snow or something, but right now it's just rain. And 33 degrees. I woke up a few times last night and opened the window to see what it was doing, but I didn't see any snow. Maybe tonight...

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