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Break song

Posted by atari2600land, 22 March 2019 · 24 views

So I've decided to take a break from Billy the Ball to focus more on some other stuff. I have all these projects I do to keep myself busy. It's quite possibly the only reason I don't watch all that much TV. This time, I've decided to try and make a MIDI of the Incredible String Band song's "Ithkos" off the 1974 album "Hard Rope and Silken Twine," which I...

A moving story about Billy.

Posted by atari2600land, 20 March 2019 · 78 views

A moving story about Billy. I thought that the title screen didn't look very good with the copyright notice right under Billy. So I decided to change the title screen. I changed the title so it was a smaller font size. I think this looks way better than it did. Thoughts?
I've also been working on this game for most of my waking hours again for the third straight day or so. An...

Having a ball?

Posted by atari2600land, 19 March 2019 · 59 views

Having a ball? Since I had a problem with the Atari 2600 version, I decided to abandon that version and instead attempt it on the Intellivision. It took most of my waking hours to get started on it. To have a good base to build the rest of the game upon. I had lots of trouble with the line clearing, there are still some areas that it does dumb things, so I made it impos...

Follow the bouncing ball

Posted by atari2600land, 16 March 2019 · 44 views

Follow the bouncing ball For the past couple of hours and last night before I went to sleep, I was trying to get the ball bouncing around the screen in my new JezzBall -inspired game. You'd think such a thing would be relatively easy, but no. It came down to this. When the ball hits the border, it either goes two ways. For 4 borders, 2 x 4 =8. I needed 8 different lines of code t...

Frank and snow (part 3)

Posted by atari2600land, in Pokemon Mini 14 March 2019 · 32 views

Frank and snow (part 3) I designed a new screen for the first screen of level 2, since it is snowing where Frank the Fruit Fly is, the mountains. But I had a problem with something. The screen went all weird on the right hand side. It kept giving me 2 very short lines. I tried everything. I tried redesigning the mountain. No. I tried moving the clouds around. No. Then I just got...

256 colors

Posted by atari2600land, 13 March 2019 · 47 views

So I learned something. The Jaguar can only display (or have available at any one point) 256 colors. The part in parentheses was the one thing I was having trouble with. I was coming up with rather weird stuff trying to make the backgrounds be 256 colors. As a result, they can only have 192 colors, because I apparently already have 64 colors ready to go i...

The information

Posted by atari2600land, 12 March 2019 · 45 views

While i was play-testing the Aaron the Aardvark game, I noticed that on some backgrounds, the white text was partly unreadable. I decided after earlier trying to change the color of the text that something else needed to be done. Then it hit me: Change the background! So I went and put in a black background in each of the four background images. I thought...

More tacos

Posted by atari2600land, 11 March 2019 · 44 views

I was play-testing Aaron the Aardvark when I noticed when the taco came down, the ants kept coming out, thus enabling you to eat all the ants you wanted without the UFOs, and then get tons of lives before eating the taco and moving to the next level. So I stopped new ants from coming out when the taco comes falling down from the sky. I also made the taco...

Taco SaTurday

Posted by atari2600land, in Pokemon Mini 09 March 2019 · 47 views

So I spent a few hours last night trying to put a taco in the Jaguar game I'm making. Turns out I ruined the whole thing. Luckily though I had a backup from the last time I worked on it and restarted from there. I went to bed Friday with no taco, but the game wasn't broken any more.
I took my melatonin gummy at about 8pm and laid in bed for a few d...

Turning gray

Posted by atari2600land, in Pokemon Mini 07 March 2019 · 65 views

About a month ago, I tried to make a gray shade in Frank the Fruit Fly and failed miserably. It worked, but Frank kept acting weird. I decided to come back to it today. I think I found out the reason why. I was using the a variable to move Frank around AND to switch between the two screens that made the gray shade possible. So I tried changing the a to b...