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Mind Your Ps and Qs - part 2

Posted by atari2600land, 17 April 2015 · 18 views

Discovering bugs is not fun. Such is the case with this one. I had discovered an invisible enemy that likes to hang out near the top of the screen. I don't know why it happened, but it did. So naturally after a few hours of working without any success, I just decided to move the up border down. I also while I was at it, worked on a few more screens and in...

Mind your Ps and Qs

Posted by atari2600land, 17 April 2015 · 32 views

You can a-Qs me of not working on the Q game for the Odyssey 2 I started and then gave up on. I played the last version I had and it was no wonder I gave up. Everything was wrong. Working with the last stable release where everything was working properly, I spent about 4 or 5 hours remaking the version I had where everything was berserk. Even though I was...

Throwing down

Posted by atari2600land, 16 April 2015 · 48 views

So I went to work, back to Odyssey 2 programming. Worked a little bit on Chief Chef. I was not having fun doing that last night. I was very sleepy, but something urged me to start working on it again (it was never finished though), so I groggily worked from 8pm to 11pm on the thing. Never did figure out the problem. I was too sleepy and probably shouldn't...

the end...label

Posted by atari2600land, 15 April 2015 · 57 views

Trying to design a good end label for the Celery Show. I like this one:

Of course, putting "episode 1" on it, one would figure that an episode 2 will happen. It will, but I don't know when. First up though is to finish #1, then I can figure out what the basis for episode 2 is. Perhaps a Rampage-style episode where Mr. Celery goes on a rampage like Godzi...

I won an eBay auction!

Posted by atari2600land, 14 April 2015 · 58 views

I've only done actual auctions and not BINs a few times, but I just won an auction on eBay. I placed my max bid. I was out bid so I had to do it again, and this time I won. There were only 4 bids, though. I put my maximum bid in and it ended up being just $5.55 (that includes shipping), which was odd because I thought for sure there would be a whole bunch...

Legendary Axe

Posted by atari2600land, in TG-16 13 April 2015 · 79 views

Uh oh. It seems like someone forgot to check if level 1 is able to be completed. Because it isn't. At the end of the first stage are two bears. These aren't your ordinary bears, though. They're impossible to beat bears. Or they're made of solid steel and then painted brown to look like ordinary bears. Because axes don't hurt them. At all. And I just kept...


Posted by atari2600land, 13 April 2015 · 76 views

So I was working on my Super Mario Bros. 3 comic book again. It looks like I was wanting issue 3 to come out last fall before I forgot about it. As most of you should know, I hop from various project to project, forgetting about them until I get the urge to work on it again. Well, I made pages 10 and 11 today. I discovered that if I save them in PNG forma...

PSX stuff

Posted by atari2600land, 12 April 2015 · 78 views

So I went to the game store. They buffered my Manos: The Hands of Fate DVD from MST3k. I bought two Playstation games. I got Slots for $3 and Seadoo Hydrocross for $5. I am looking for a waterskiing game that just lets you race without the slalom element of it (i.e. Wave Race. barf.) They didn't have a copy of Hydro Thunder for the PSX, and ones on eBay a...

Oh, deer!

Posted by atari2600land, 11 April 2015 · 69 views

I worked a little bit more on the celery movie this morning. The stupid cat was incessantly squawking her head off wanting food like always, but somehow I managed to keep working on this. After the car scene, Mr. Celery finds that ants are crawling all over him. Since he has no arms, all he can do to squish them is roll. So he rolls down a hill, narrowly...

On the Road

Posted by atari2600land, 10 April 2015 · 78 views

So I decided to make some more of the Mr. Celery movie. I picked up where I left off. Where I left off, Mr. Celery had just gotten out of the ocean and was walking along the beach. Cut to this:

Mr. Celery is walking alongside the road. Cars pass by. They honk as they do. Well, what would you do if you saw a giant stalk of celery walking along the road?...

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