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Half an hour is stupid.

Posted by atari2600land, 25 September 2016 · 18 views

It was AT LEAST a half-hour. I walk into my room at 7:30 and to my surprise, the computer was performing an update on itself. It was 9% completed. It stayed 9% completed for a few minutes. "I can't even use the thing I bought when I want to!" I yelled. I figured while the stupid thing was updating that it would be a good time to play my Dreamcast. I wonde...

Fleas Navidad news

Posted by atari2600land, in ActionMax 24 September 2016 · 33 views

In case you've been wondering about the latest ActionMax homebrew, I haven't been working on it. I just figured hardly anyone would care, so I stopped work on it. But the ActionMax homebrew thread I had in the homebrew section of this forum has been dug up and replied to...twice. So I have decided to continue work on it. I am not sure if I can get this do...

Odd CD

Posted by atari2600land, in Legumes in September 22 September 2016 · 50 views

So I've been using a DVD like a zip drive, erasing a particular project I am working on and then putting the updated file onto it. I noticed this makes odd visible gaps in the CD where the certain info has stopped and before the other info is stored. I am wondering whether to ditch the CD idea and just get a zip drive. It would probably be a lot easier. I...

Worked some more on Game Gear

Posted by atari2600land, 21 September 2016 · 50 views

So I picked up where I left off on Mr. Ultra 2. I decided there will only be 5 levels instead of 7 like Mr. Ultra 1 had. The reason is there isn't enough room to have 7 levels, each with their own background, song, and an ending and a game over screen. So five it is. I think I can fit an ending screen and a game over screen in the game. I figured since Mr...

Rebel With a Cause

Posted by atari2600land, 20 September 2016 · 48 views

So I decided to work some more on my movie and TV scripts I do just for fun. I had Celtx on my old computer so I just figured I'd go to the Celtx website and download the latest one. So I go to Celtx website. To my surprise, the website changed and started a $10 fee and cloud storage. I don't need that junk! I'm just one guy who likes making scripts just...

N64 time again

Posted by atari2600land, 19 September 2016 · 49 views

I would like to write a new issue of Nintendo Stuff. So I keep going to game stores and all they have for the N64 are either really cheap sports games or really expensive (though shouldn't be) games (like Conker's Bad Fur Day). I saw Conker's Bad Fur Day at the flea market. I asked how much it was, hoping I might be able to get it on the cheap. Nope, he k...

CD printing services?

Posted by atari2600land, in Legumes in September 16 September 2016 · 70 views

Does anyone know of a service that can print on blank CDs, make a cover and then you can take them and burn songs on them with your computer? I ask this because I make music CDs for myself, I listen to my own music I make, and I'd like to have at least one be a pretty professionally-designed-looking one. I can print my own jewel case inserts just fine, bu...


Posted by atari2600land, 15 September 2016 · 61 views

I must use style tags now. My old way of coding HTML is obsolete and apparently will no longer function. But I suppose it's better in a way since it uses less typing. So in order to change a link's color, you'd use this:<style>    a:link { color: #dd0000; }    a:visited { color: #ffffff; }    a:hover {...


Posted by atari2600land, 14 September 2016 · 61 views

Here I was, I had completed a crossword. It has the word rigider in it. See, Word doesn't recognize it as a word. Neither does dictionary.com, nor my Scrabble dictionary. I was angry. In a last ditch effort to decide whether "rigider" was a word or not, I googled it. Up came the wiki dictionary. It had rigider in it. Just like I thought it should be a wor...

Busy week ahead.

Posted by atari2600land, 13 September 2016 · 68 views

So the fireplace people and the heater people are both coming tomorrow morning. It would be interesting if they both came at the same time. And on Friday, I have to go to the doctor even though nothing is wrong with me. And on Saturday is the flea market. Tomorrow I have the job of keeping the dog in my room with me while the people are here fixing the fi...

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