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A lethargic toddler.

Posted by atari2600land, 23 October 2017 · 20 views

Mom has gotten worse these past few days. I didn't know she could get worse, but here we are. I know what her problem is: She says she can't do anything. That's what the problem is. And it's gotten to the point where she believes that it's true that she can't, when in fact it isn't. Counseling does not seem to be working. And when I tell her to take her p...

Frank is moving

Posted by atari2600land, in Frank the Fruit Fly 22 October 2017 · 68 views

I tried and failed to make a bankswitched Game Boy game. I give up. There goes all hope for my epic Game Boy game. But all is not lost for Frank the Fruit Fly, though. Once I have the Secret Government Waffle Project done, I will start work on a new Intellivision game. Frank the Fruit Fly is moving to the Intellivision. Which means I have to start all ove...


Posted by atari2600land, 20 October 2017 · 89 views

So I have been having trouble with Jaguar programming. I tried everything and just couldn't make the fire ant sprite appear on the screen without weird lines up above it. I had been using GIMP since that's what the forum post said to use. But I found out that Paint Shop Pro was a better choice, since Sporadic replied and said he used Paint Shop Pro 7 to c...


Posted by atari2600land, 17 October 2017 · 169 views

Mom today was the worst she's ever been since this whole thing started. Earlier she was worried about all the stuff she thinks she needs to be worried about. That's her whole problem: She's worried about all this stuff. Perhaps it's anxiety that's making her sick.
Anyway, I took some time out to determine why the collision detection wasn't working...

Back into the R-Zone

Posted by atari2600land, 16 October 2017 · 105 views

So I was looking through my old magazines I made. In one of them I mentioned the R-Zone. I remember owning an R-Zone a few years ago. Thought it was a fun system, I don't know why I sold it though. Thought it would be fun to start owning one again. Searched eBay and found a handheld version of the R-Zone, an X.P.G. that had a make offer. So I decided to m...

Secret Credits

Posted by atari2600land, in secret govt waffle project 14 October 2017 · 116 views

You know, for the Secret Government Waffle Project. I've begun working on the in-game credits for the Secret Government Waffle Project, the game I have been working on for a few [s]months years for the Intellivision. I am really excited about how this project is looking and turning out, it's like nothing I ever imagined it would be. Plus, I even got it t...

Me vs Cat vs. Rat: Round 2

Posted by atari2600land, 13 October 2017 · 93 views

So Mom has gotten to be depressed all the time. I know I should be there for her, but at the same time I don't want to see her like this. So I have been sleeping all day to avoid her giving me depression. But that will end now because I'm feeling a little selfish for doing that.
Anyway, with Mom sleeping I decided to work on Cat vs. Rat again. This...

Me vs. Cat vs. Rat

Posted by atari2600land, 11 October 2017 · 116 views

So I have been fighting with the code for the game for a few days now and I think I have it nailed down. It did sort of have a little freakout on maze #7 on real hardware, but I'm ignoring it because it hasn't done anything evil since. Apparently my code was so tightly packed that even putting in a couple lines of code caused all the pages to move around...

bankswitching in gb

Posted by atari2600land, in Frank the Fruit Fly 09 October 2017 · 82 views

So for some reason, I figured I needed to do some bankswitching to get Frank the Fruit Fly working again. I tried to put two files together but was unable to. What led me to this assumption? I started the game from the very beginning and went up to the screen with the buttons. After pressing the second button, instead of saying "RIGHT," it said "bank 1."...

Math and songs

Posted by atari2600land, in Frank the Fruit Fly 07 October 2017 · 102 views

So I got four Game Boy games in the mail today. One of them I had to clean a lot before I got it working. The rest are fine. This inspired me to work on Frank the Fruit Fly some more. So since I noticed that most Game Boy game songs have both treble and bass clef notes, I went to work adding some notes to the songs I already had in the game. The title scr...

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