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My history teacher went inside an igloo

Posted by atari2600land, in my history teacher ate lemons 08 January 2018 · 205 views

There are a few days, well, ok, a few weeks, where I don't work on a particular project. This is also true with games that I really love. It's that i just don't get around to working on them. Well today I worked on MHTAL. I had an idea for a few screens: Going inside a giant igloo. This igloo would be mandatory to go inside. But as I was drawing it, it dawned on me: igloos usually have one exit, not two. It was then that I switched from having the igloo be mandatory to a smaller size and optional. What's inside the igloo? A lemon? A lime? A horrible monster? I don't know yet.
I spent the time designing the igloo so that it would be easy to get into. Since level 2 is ice, and ice is slippery, it is kind of hard to time it just right to get to the igloo door. And once you do, I'll make it so a key press allows you entry into the igloo. Yes. It can be a rhyming mneumonic: To open a door, press key 4. Like the very old Word Perfect one: "To insert a line, press Alt+F9," or something like that.
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