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Pokemon Mini return

Posted by atari2600land, in Pokemon Mini 15 May 2018 · 153 views

So I thought to myself after looking through eBay to look for Pokemon Mini games I don't have already. I have all the common ones, so anything I would find would have to be about $100 or so. Going on a few days ago, I found some guy in Portugal trying to sell his copy of Togepi's Great Adventure for about $400. And there was a Pichu Bros. Mini game for around the same price. But something new popped up. A guy in Germany put up a Pokemon Race game for sale for 90 euros. I looked at the US Dollar to Euro conversion rates. Yikes. I sent an offer for 75 euros and waited.
While I was waiting, I decided to make sure my Pokemon Mini thing still worked. Yep. I played Shock Tetris. And I played it for so long I hurt my thumb. It's about an hour later and my left thumb still hurts from playing it. I got a high score of about 50,000 points. So I fixed myself a midnight lunch (popcorn and a ham sandwich.) To my surprise when I finished my lunch, I went to check my e-mail. Turns out he accepted my offer. And I paid it. Now a much longer wait begins. When the package comes, I'll have to sign for it. Which means I'll have to be home. I guess Mom can wake me up so I can sign for it if I'm asleep when it comes. I doubt mail comes at the 8 AM hour anyway.
I also got the Pokemon Breeder game a year or so ago for about the same price. I guess I really should stop doing this, but I love the thing and the idea, so the more games I have for it the better I guess. And this also means I have to sell some stuff to make up for it. I'll probably be selling more Dreamcast games I don't play.

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