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The number 47 in the INTV Fall 1988 catalog

Posted by atari2600land, in 47 sightings 12 July 2018 · 163 views

Someone who was in charge of making the screenshots for the Fall 1988 INTV catalog must like the number 47 a lot...
- Page 3: Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling - Over the T in the words "GIANT SPLASH" is the number 47.
- Page 5: Pole Position - One of the scores is 4700.
- Page 5: Super Pro Football - The number of Total Yards for the red team is 47.
- Page 6: Slap Shot: Super Pro Hockey - The time left in the game is 16:47.
- Page 7: Tower of Doom - The amount of Life Force is 147.
- Page 8: Diner - The score reads 47050.
- Page 9: Dig Dug - The score reads 4785.
- Page 10: Horse Racing - the time reads 47.9
Phew! That's a lot of 47s! Perhaps this is why I like this catalog so much.
I began today a few hours ago with working on Upmonster. After many unsuccessful tries, I got one of the two jumping problems figured out. So it has been a real Intellivisiony day so far.

47 is the "lucky number" of Pomona College.  Realtime Associates produced many of the Intellivision games released by INTV, and Realtime founder David Warhol is a Pamona alumnus, so Keith Robinson (who created the catalog and box art for INTV) did him the favor of using the number 47 everywhere he could.  I believe there were also several alumni on the crew of "Star Trek," which is why the number 47 appears so frequently on TNG in particular.

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I knew about the Pomona College, but didn't know about the INTV connection. That's cool!

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