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Cold celery.

Posted by atari2600land, in Celery comic book 18 January 2019 · 68 views

So I have decided to make my comic book about celery again. I thought I had a webpage for it, but I don't. Anyway, something new I tried is to make the cover out of real items. This was employed by the Cartoon Network (out of all channels) shows "Amazing World of Gumball" and the short-lived "The Brak Show". I don't really watch CN much, even [adult swim] has made it so half of it is Family Guy reruns. Who watches those?
Anyway, the plot here is that mr. celery gets a cold, and while he's resting, Professor Evil paints the town red...by dumping a giant bucket of paint on it. It hasn't been drawn yet. I have a few issues in pdf form on my website, but with no index.html page. I'll make a site for that soon. I didn't do really much of anything today. Another "it's sleep time all day" day. Raining all day long, wishing it was snow, but it's way too warm to be snow.
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I think I might have a cold because I've been blowing my nose almost non-stop the past couple of days.