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uDraw uPdate

Posted by atari2600land, 03 February 2012 · 733 views

Well, those looks to be the last uDraw games for the Wii. Just now got Disney Princesses and Studio: Instant Artist, which I now have every uDraw game for the Wii in existence. Had to go to GameStop, where, to my surprise, I got sealed copies of both games! I also went to the other store and got a "new" Dreamcast controller, even though it looks like nobody seems to want my Dreamcast in the marketplace forum. I guess it's time for me to hook up my Wii and take these games as well as Mario Kart Wii for a spin. It's been a while, but I found everything except my GameCube controller which I use for Mario Kart Wii because it's better than using the Wiimote. So I have three uDraw games to play. I got Marvel Superhero Squad: Comic Combat late last year but never got around to playing it. Bring on the Wii U uDraw games (or if you want, make more for the Wii!) It's sad that we have to talk about the Wii U, I thought the Wii would never die, seeing as how bad the economy is right now. And I could be wrong, but where does Nintendo think the money will come from the people who have no money to buy a Wii U, especially with the fancy-schmancy 3DS-like controller they plan to include with it? Anyway, hopefully there will be more uDraw games for the Wii U, because I think it's a neat idea.

Unfortunately, that's probably the end of the line for the uDraw: http://www.nintendow....com/news/29179
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