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Bob-Omb Battlefield

Posted by atari2600land, 23 May 2012 · 523 views

Well, I finally fixed the problem I had outside the castle. Also, I finally found my thing I had instead of the switchbox I dug up, so now there's better screen quality. To fix the problem, I reduced the number of vertical pflines from 2 to 1. Works. Not as pretty as 2, but at least I fixed the problem. Also, I introduced music for level 1. I am wondering whether there's a way to capture sound from an Atari 2600 emulator. I'd like to make audio files of the songs I've been reproducing for this game. You can download the game (or what I have so far of it) here: http://www.atari2600land.com/sm642600/ Tell me what you think.

I seem to recall that Audacity can record the final output from Windows.
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