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I'm going insane.

Posted by atari2600land, 28 May 2012 · 776 views

crossword puzzles
After playing around with words for some reason, I had discovered that "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis" and "unitedkingdomofgreatbritainandnorthernireland" share the same central letter (which is "i") This then led to one of the most odd ideas I had ever thought up of, cruciverbally speaking. I decided to start work on a 45x45 crossword puzzle using those two words. But Microsoft Word couldn't handle a 45x45 table, so what I did was create a 23x23 one, print it four times and glue them together, making a 46x46 grid. After blacking out the last row and column, I had my 45x45 grid. So, after filling in the two words in a + shape, work began. I just started on this one, and whenever I get bored, I'll pick it up and continue making it. Last Thanksgiving, the cover of the Life section was one big 35x35 crossword. So I've really decided to outdo myself here. I wonder if I finish it and submit it to my local paper if they'll publish it next Thanksgiving. (They've done this for two straight years now.) And, since I'm not doing this on the computer, I'm using a pencil, and hopefully if I run into any pattern or word mistakes, they'll be easy to correct! Also, I'm a bit stuck on GoSub right now, I've decided to bite the bullet and put in the octopus, but I'm having trouble with its movement. What I want it to do is pick a random direction and move across the screen for a short amount of time, then repeat. Can't do that! Argh! I think my madness with GoSub led to the gigantic crossword puzzle idea, but anyway, it will be fun to see if I can finish it.

I think if you start doing crossword puzzles regularly, you'll find it much easier to create clues for your large puzzle. It could also serve as a nice break from GoSub.
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Thanks, I already do crossword puzzles regularly, though. That's what got me in mind to create them.
Anyway, I was mistaken. Last year's Thanksgiving crossword was 55x55, not 35x35. I started saving them when they started in 2010.
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