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Inundated with Odyssey˛ stuff!

Posted by atari2600land, 17 August 2012 · 629 views

OK, well, two out of three ain't bad. Today I got three Odyssey2 games in the mail, which came early, like 1:30pm early. Which is weird because we didn't get ANY mail yesterday, or the day before, etc. Mage was one of them, which is odd because I didn't have to sign for it. It's not what I had expected it to be, though. When he hits a wall, he really should stop completely instead of keep going and then retract himself once a wall is hit, like in KC Munchkin. Speaking of that, I also got KC's Krazy Chase. The cart was really dirty! I had to use at least a half dozen q-tips to clean it, and even now it's still kind of dirty (works, though.) And I also got I've Got Your Number, which I've been wanting, too. Just no real reason other than trying to get a complete Odyssey2 collection (well, as close to complete as I'll ever get, I doubt I can find Power Lords at a price I'd be willing to pay.) So I guess our mail problem has been solved, at least for now...

Nice! :)

I got my Odyssey 2 games I ordered last week too. Gonna wait until the flooring upstairs is finished before I take out my O2 and try them out
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