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Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog

Cruizin' DeviantArt - September 2018 - About Rob Paulsen

Posted by doctorclu, 04 September 2018 · 80 views

So SpongeFox, another admin of the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog, came up with this great art recently...

More art from other artists to come.  But the submission from SpongeFox reminds me of this great video from the Nostalgia Critic.  Rob Paulsen as some may recall did the voice for Bubsy in the animated pilot.   Not somethin...

Cruizin' YouTube - August 2018 - Small Clues Bubsy is in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Posted by doctorclu, 22 August 2018 · 98 views

TeneseKeshi writes on Aug 16, 2018
"I get to the main point at the 2:30 mark. I'm not sure if I'm being tongue in cheek or dead serious... Just thought I'd make this video anyway... What could possibly go wrong?"

Overall, love the theory.   The exclamati...

Cruizin' Minecraft - August 2018 - Bubsy Pixels

Posted by doctorclu, 22 August 2018 · 71 views

Saw this as I was looking for Pixel Chat (story from a few years ago about Bubsy as a talk show host and I found this gem on a Minecraft site...

I was like, how have I not seen this before.  It wasn't till I saw this picture...

,,, that I said "Oh, that explains that...

Cruizin' Steam - August 2018 - Bubsy Leaderboards

Posted by doctorclu, 08 August 2018 · 90 views

Cruizin' Steam - August 2018 - Bubsy Leaderboards Wow, Bubsy Bobcat rocks being him with 2,136,899,180 on Steam.  ** It's good to know the programmers apparently.  ;) **
Bubsy the Woolies Strike Back as I have found is moderately easy to complete, but difficult to master.  And then you compete against other Bubsy players and naturally this goes to a whole new level.
Had some...

Cruizin' Twitter - July 2018 - Bubsy entry and comments

Posted by doctorclu, 26 July 2018 · 102 views

Bubsy's latest ad for Woolies Strike Back and fan comments:

And these comments were just goofy but along the Bubsy style humor....


Cruizin' Facebook - July 2018 - Bubsy's visit to the Museum

Posted by doctorclu, 12 July 2018 · 142 views

Cruizin' Facebook - July 2018 - Bubsy's visit to the Museum Have we ever posted something from Facebook?   Maybe not.  So today is a first for the Bubsy Bobcat Fan blog.   First off there is the title picture where we have this raft that looks like a coffin and instantly the thought came up of Bubsy 3d: Bubsy visits the James Turrell Retrospective
The parody is liked for a lot of r...

Bubsy's Father in Woolies Strike Back

Posted by doctorclu, 09 July 2018 · 204 views
Bubsy Bobcat, Bubsy and 1 more...
Bubsy's Father in Woolies Strike Back This picture alone raises so many questions in the Bubsy story and wanted to other fan theories.
The picture looks old, obviously a newspaper clipping. Was this an uncle of Bubsy or father?
My guess is the father. In the Purrfect Edition Bubsy has the Indiana Jones look on the postcard. The Sean Connery looking bobcat in the picture would be...

Happy 4th of July

Posted by doctorclu, 04 July 2018 · 181 views
4th of July, Bubsy and 1 more...
Here's wishing a great 4th of July to an American game mascot and all the fans and others who make Bubsy famous and infamous! ;)

And some Bubsy fireworks at the end of this video from Arkane Kids...

Bubsy the Bobcat | LinkedIn

Posted by doctorclu, 30 May 2018 · 207 views

Bubsy's complete LinkedIn entry.   Some good laughs in there.

Sonic Forces - Bubsy Shirt mod

Posted by doctorclu, 27 May 2018 · 194 views
Sonic Forces, Bubsy Bobcat
Sonic Forces - Bubsy Shirt mod So this time last year we had the speculation that Bubsy was in Sonic Forces .
Where there is a will, there is a way.  Thanks to Zerosp0nge there is a hack that replaces the Sanic shirts with all three variations of Bubsy's trademark shirt.   Apparently in the story, at least according the early advertisements for the game, there wo...