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Cruiz'in - "Bubsy : Twisted Dreams?" - November 2019

Posted by doctorclu, 15 November 2018 · 61 views
Bubsy Bobcat, Giana Sisters and 1 more...
Cruiz'in - "Bubsy : Twisted Dreams?" - November 2019 Today we have a late Halloween edition.   As I was recording play throughs of Woolies Strike Back I came across a glitch.  I hit the button for the screenshots or recordings after selecting a level.  The level would load and come up in the wait screen.  On certain levels (shown below) instead of a Woolie you get a winged/horned cr...

Cruiz'in PSN - November 2018 - Fan Comments!

Posted by doctorclu, 09 November 2018 · 112 views
Bubsy Bobcat, Bubsy, PSN and 1 more...
Good morning!   So the news of the 6th Bubsy game "Paws on Fire " has stirred up some excitement on Facebook , Instagram , Linked In , and it is always fun to see the activity on Twitter .  These are locations that Bubsy news sent out, Bubsy fans are talking, and "Bubsy" himself tends to show up from time to time.
There are other pla...

Cruiz'in Shapeways.com - November 2018 - Bubsy figure

Posted by doctorclu, 08 November 2018 · 61 views
3D Print, Bubsy Bobcat, Figure
Was searching for a Bubsy figure... why... oh yeh, waiting for the Bubsy pop figure ... 

but in the meantime I found someone making a 3D print of a Bubsy figure. 

Cool.   I ordered one, can give a review on that when it comes in.

'The real Super Mario' dies aged 84

Posted by doctorclu, 02 November 2018 · 87 views
Mario, Bubsy Bobcat, Mario Segale
I've often joked Bubsy was "The hit points of Mario with the speed of Sonic"   I think Bubsy actually owes just as much to Mario as he does to Sonic for the inspiration.  And today, the inspiration for Mario passed away.


Bubsy : Paws on Fire! New Game 2019

Posted by doctorclu, 31 October 2018 · 167 views
Bubsy Bobcat, Paws on Fire and 1 more...
Bubsy : Paws on Fire!   New Game 2019 Just got this in the eMail from Accolade...



Added bonus... SpongeFox contributed to this frightfully great surprise, especially involving the Twins, with this new artwork today!


Cruizin' Change.org - Petition: Bubsy in Smash Brothers roster!

Posted by doctorclu, 29 October 2018 · 62 views
Bubsy Bobcat, Smash Brothers
Cruizin' Change.org - Petition: Bubsy in Smash Brothers roster! HEADS UP BUBSY FANS!
How would you like to see the Bubster in the limelight?   In another game?
In another game beating the tar out of Sonic?
Well then follow this link and sign the petition saying you want Bubsy in the Smash Brothers roster!!

Cruizin' eBay - October 2018 - 1993 and 1994 Accolade Promo Books

Posted by doctorclu, 28 October 2018 · 62 views
Bubsy Bobcat
There are some promo books on eBay that I have not seen before.  Basically two sets are available:

The one year anniversary of "Bubsy:The Woolies Strike Back"

Posted by doctorclu, 25 October 2018 · 80 views
Bubsy Bobcat, Bubsy and 1 more...
The one year anniversary of "Bubsy:The Woolies Strike Back" I wrote this to "Bubsy" on Twitter:

So above all, not bad.   A year later Bubsy is still $19.99 for a used copy, and $29.99 for a new copy at Game Stop .   The leaderboards on Steam and Playstation are still active.   Woolies Strike Back may be a relatively easy game to get through, most can get through in a...

Cruizin Facebook - October 2018 0 Michael Berlyn's Birthday!

Posted by doctorclu, 20 October 2018 · 103 views
Bubsy Bobcat, Michael Berlyn
Cruizin Facebook - October 2018 0 Michael Berlyn's Birthday! Tomorrow is Michael Berlyn's * birthday, so wish him happy birthday Bubsy fans !!  
* (creator of Bubsy Bobcat)

Cruizin' DeviantArt - September 2018 - About Rob Paulsen

Posted by doctorclu, 04 September 2018 · 181 views

So SpongeFox, another admin of the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog, came up with this great art recently...

More art from other artists to come.  But the submission from SpongeFox reminds me of this great video from the Nostalgia Critic.  Rob Paulsen as some may recall did the voice for Bubsy in the animated pilot.   Not somethin...