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Cruiz'in The Yetee-October 2014

Posted by doctorclu, 18 October 2014 · 52 views

Cruiz'in The Yetee-October 2014 Titled under "Anything is Pawsible" The Yetee is selling a Bubsy themed shirt today!!
Thank you Yetee, buying this now.  :D

Cruiz'in JaguDome-October 2014

Posted by doctorclu, 09 October 2014 · 119 views
Bubsy 2 Shirt - Bubsys Back
Cruiz'in JaguDome-October 2014 While looking at some information for the JagFest 2000 I found something cool in the pictures.  At first I saw the top of ears and said "That looks like Bubsy" but thought I was just seeing things.
And then as I looked at other pictures, sure enough, it was Bubsy in a Bubsy II shirt saying:
"Bubsy's Back" and naturally on the back of th...

Bubsy in Russian - September 2014

Posted by doctorclu, 03 September 2014 · 135 views
Bubsy Bobcat, Bubsy, Russian
Bubsy in Russian - September 2014 I received the two Bubsy Russian games (Bubsy and Bubsy 2) in the mail today.   The cases are so small and cute, just barely bigger than the game cartridge itself.
More details on this in October, but in the meantime, here is Bubsy Bobcat written in Russian!!

Cruiz'in into the 100K Club!-August 2014

Posted by doctorclu, 14 August 2014 · 190 views
Bubsy, Guardians of the Galaxy
Cruiz'in into the 100K Club!-August 2014 Another hobby of mine is the Fiero car by Pontiac and they would have these license plate frames for when the car survived the first 100,000 miles known as the "100,000 Mile Club".   And I remember when my car entered the "200,000 Mile Club"
The Bubsy blog started sometime in June 8, 2008 is now entering the ...
100,000 Visits Club ....

Cruiz'in YouTube-July 2014

Posted by doctorclu, 14 August 2014 · 141 views
Bubsy, Doom, Doom mod
Cruiz'in YouTube-July 2014 In the month of July there was a review made of my favorite Bubsy game, Fractured Furry Tales for the Atari Jaguar.  It is a hard game, and basically all reviews I have seen for it for those playing for the first time generally hate it.  :)

So the game reviewer "Games I F*cking Hate" was...

Cruiz'in Ahead-October 2014 Preview

Posted by doctorclu, 14 August 2014 · 178 views

Yesterday I had good news, but I wasn't sure how things would go with ebay.   Sometime ago I found the Russian Bubsy art, which can be found on the cover of this game:

I think out of the many Bubsy pictures I've seen, this one was my favorite.   Though I find it curious that the Ballzooka, not in the first Bubsy game, w...

Cruiz'in Atariage-June 2014

Posted by doctorclu, 13 August 2014 · 136 views

Hello Bubsy fans!   I was celebrating Bubsy's 21st birthday so hard it took me two months to get over the hangover.  So this is posted after the fact.
No not really.  :P   But not to worry, I have been collecting some interesting new pictures from around the inter-webs, and I will have new Bubsy purchases to look at, i...


Posted by doctorclu, 04 May 2014 · 231 views

BUBSY CAN DRINK!  -May 2014  
Just want to say congratulations to Bubsy and be the first to submit a picture (drinking Arizona tea) to the game mascot that brought hours of fun and distractions in life when I needed it most.  Here's to you!

Throughout the month of May you too can submit pictures that you can send to doctorclu to be added to this message....

Cruiz'in Youtube -April 2014

Posted by doctorclu, 28 April 2014 · 215 views

I was cruiz'in YouTube looking for Bubsy sightings and saw some interesting thumbnails of original Bubsy artwork. 
The review was by GC9X Post Mortem and the review they gave mostly featured Bubsy versions of the first Bubsy game on the Genesis, SNES, and amazingly the version of Super Bubsy on the PC which was the first Bubsy game with better...

Cruiz'in Ebay -March 2014

Posted by doctorclu, 22 March 2014 · 263 views

Twenty-One years ago Electronic Games magazine for March 1993 had Bubsy on the cover.   Of course they did, Bubsy was the new cat in town.  :)
I didn't win the auction for this magazine as the time ran out, but we did score a awesome picture of the awesome bobcat.
A lot more to come.   Just waiting till April so I d...

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