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[KM] Poking Along

Posted by Hornpipe2, 28 August 2009 · 663 views
Karate Master
Hey guys I haven't given up on this project! Still tweaking things here and there and trying to figure out what to focus on next. I altered things a bit so that the Jump now propels the character forward, while the Jumpkick does not. This leads to a little more player shuffling and much less jumpkick spamming.

* added more sound effects -...


Posted by Hornpipe2, 11 May 2009 · 652 views
Karate Master
Some beta testers you lot turned out to be! Nine people downloaded the binary and no feedback. I figured it's probably because you all have no friends, so I decided the AI was the next area to focus on : )

Try this one on for size. The AI player will now attempt to rough you up (this is super preliminary and I need to enhance it to defend itself...

[KM] (BIN) Collision Detection WIP

Posted by Hornpipe2, 07 May 2009 · 460 views
Karate Master
Pixel-perfect collision detection should be working now. Since it's now possible to knock opponents around, please try out the attached binary (with friends if you've got 'em) and give feedback on initial move balance. Are some moves overpowered? Is it too hard to hit with others?

Three things to note real quick -
* the middle kick will be...

[KM] Collision Detection in progress

Posted by Hornpipe2, 05 May 2009 · 503 views
Karate Master
Banging out some collision detection. Right now I can tell if the danger point (one pixel X/Y location where hits are checked) is within the 40 x (sprite height) area of an enemy. Next I'll need to write a small 'more precise' function to put on both banks with image data - this will check if the dangerous pixel does or does not collide with...

[KM] Title menu (re)done

Posted by Hornpipe2, 04 May 2009 · 465 views
Karate Master
I'm pretty happy with the title screen now, everything's working except there's no Savekey-specific stuff. That's okay, I left 1360+ bytes free on this bank, so there should be lots of room for that later. The Handicap is a fun setting, you adjust the bar left/right to give one or the other player more starting points and help balance the...

[KM] Minor Update

Posted by Hornpipe2, 01 May 2009 · 457 views
Karate Master
Updated title screen (new font for digits, highlight-able record and handicap), but not much other progress. The color decode loop is still giving me a headache, plus I seem to have crashed the actual game startup.

If anyone has suggestions on how to make those joystick icons look better I'm all ears. They are 15x13 right now.

[KM] Work Continues

Posted by Hornpipe2, 30 April 2009 · 390 views
Karate Master
Still poking around with this and making pointless optimizations. I finally went to start in on the title screen and make some changes so I can accomodate the new single-player mode, and ended up wanting to cram more options in too. So I've got:
* a Handicap bar, which initially starts at 0 blips, but can be adjusted left-right to give one or the...

[KM] It's Official!

Posted by Hornpipe2, 02 February 2009 · 426 views
Karate Master
# 0E 0380 - 03BF Karate Master (Greg Kennedy)

Now to finish it! LOL.

I've got two main branches going on with my code right now and I'm stumped on both...

[KM] Lessons Learned from the HSC

Posted by Hornpipe2, 20 October 2008 · 337 views
Karate Master
Progress has been very slow lately. I set in to work on some AI so I'd have an opponent to test against, but in the meantime the HSC has taught me a valuable lesson, and I am now going to have to re-do the title screen a bit (which I am dreading). That lesson is:

All 2600 games should have a high score counter.

Modern games, it's said,...

[KM] Another Shot

Posted by Hornpipe2, 15 May 2008 · 479 views
Karate Master
Thanks to all your suggestions, I made a couple of changes:
* Reduced intensity of all the sprite colors. This should make the flicker far less irritating. Also, I changed up the skin and hair colors of each color. See attached image.
* Changed the walk animation to move about twice as fast
* Added the "death" sprites.
* Changed my...

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