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Review Four: A Capital Venture: Trust Me!

Posted by Cebus Capucinis, 14 August 2011 · 559 views

Review Four is posted for the 12 Turn Program! Parker Brothers' "Trust Me"! Is it a boom or a bust?

A Capital Venture

Review Three: Viva Dice Throwing: Casino Yahtzee

Posted by Cebus Capucinis, 07 August 2011 · 673 views

Review Three is up! This week the 12 Turn Program takes a look at Casino Yahtzee. Is it Las Vegas, full of glitz and glamor, or Soddom & Gomorrah, meant only for destruction? Take a look and find out!

Viva Dice Throwing: Casino Yahtzee

12 Turn Program: Review Two: I Butle, Sir

Posted by Cebus Capucinis, 01 August 2011 · 455 views

Second review is up on The 12 Turn Program! I review 13 Dead End Drive -- is it as good as the commercials when I was 10 years old? Who knows? Find out!

I Butle, Sir

Board game Blog begins!

Posted by Cebus Capucinis, 26 July 2011 · 542 views

I'm starting a weekly Board Game blog. I'll be reviewing a different board game every week. Here's the link:


In the first posts you'll find an explanation of my reviews, a rating system, and the very first review: Roller Coaster Tycoon!

Growing up Atari

Posted by Cebus Capucinis, 28 April 2010 · 507 views

I have talked about this quite a bit, so I am sorry if someone has heard this already.

Today I went through some of my Atari collection and played some of the old carts. Of course, I inevitably got to Space Invaders. My Space Invaders has got to be one of the worst examples of an Atari pic label cart on Earth; the end label is barely hanging by a thread,...

My favorite memory

Posted by Cebus Capucinis, 04 October 2009 · 364 views

This one is sort of related to the earlier post in that it's a childhood memory, but it's not Atari related. My parents visited my house from Thursday to this morning, and on the first night we were talking about our favorite memories growing up. I mentioned the Dr. Mario swear-like-a-sailor story to my parents again; of course, once again my mom...

I love my mother.

Posted by Cebus Capucinis, 27 September 2009 · 580 views

I was going to post this in the 'greatest video game moments' thread, but it was 2600 related:

My mother is, without a doubt, the most prim, proper, Victorian-minded woman you will probably ever meet in her life. She has not missed a day of church in at least the entirety of her marriage to my dad (they just had their 27th wedding anniversary this...

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