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RockCutter is now set at 128KB Megacart

Posted by Kiwi, 06 March 2016 · 539 views

I started another project after I failed to convert Rockcutter a Megacart format.  I soon figured out that if --codeseg bank1 is in that command line, then it would compile the code and const segment in 1 bank.  SDCC -?  help got me a list of switches to tell me what each switch does.  So I found --codeseg and tried it out.  Sure...

Rock Cutter Blog

Posted by Kiwi, 13 February 2016 · 525 views

I managed to optimize the game enough to have over 700 bytes left before hitting 32,768 bytes.  I ditched the font and use the Coleco's BIOS font, 300 byte saving.  There's little text in it anyway. My next project I'm going to attempt to bankswitch.  I'm going to break up my source files into pieces.  And find bfg.passion tutorial and...

Music Driver

Posted by Kiwi, 26 October 2015 · 639 views

I had an idea come to me at work when I'm by myself, peace and quiet while I place cookies on a cardboard trays.  Why don't I abuse the play_sound function some more.  Each sound data can be the single instrument and tone.  Maybe put about 10-20 instrumental tone in different pitches on the sound list.  Play_sound function can retrieve...

Almost done.

Posted by Kiwi, 26 October 2015 · 431 views

One of the most stressful part of making video game is making music for the game.  I know over thousand of video games music in my mind.  Making music is hard due to having 1.9 KB left.  Sound effect I can do, they are usually short and can be complicated.  I think I need to somehow make a music driver or something that each note playe...

Now just under 30,000 bytes...

Posted by Kiwi, 24 October 2015 · 641 views

I spent my afternoon making the ending animation.  I remembered the animated gif I made a long time ago and I decided that'll make a good ending. I drew the background with the help of tile studio and ICVGM, my favorite tool.  Then made the sprites in CV SPRITE 2 software.  I'm glad I learned how to use Hexeditor to get the uncompressed pps...

Throwing Cutter blades at the enemies. Ouch!

Posted by Kiwi, 20 October 2015 · 558 views

I added cutter beam attack.  The mock-up of him tossing the cutter blade, so it had to happen in this game.  You have to collect the cutter power up to use them.  I added a counter that shows up when you have some.  I didn't think it would be possible, but I realized that I had 12 sprites available and not 6.  I was thinki...

Finished with level 4 in Rock Cutter

Posted by Kiwi, 18 October 2015 · 395 views

I made this gif a long time ago when Pixelation had awesome avatar war.  The game's now at 26.5 KB.  I think a good sized level 5 will be possible.  Maybe 10-15 rooms.  I will probably make 1 more enemy and replace the cannon graphics for this one.  I only put 2 cannons in the fourth level, since I abused them in level 2 an...

Gaining more memory back to put more stuff in Rock Cutter

Posted by Kiwi, 18 October 2015 · 377 views

I was reading Groovybee's comment about structure.  I thought back to my CreateObject function and it can be a lot smaller if I used a pointer to a table of information about the object in question and less if branches.  Before, it was...if(objecttype==1){objectID[ID]=2;objecty[ID]=y;objectx[ID]=x;objectc1[ID]=1;objectc2...

Cramming bunch of stuff in 32KB

Posted by Kiwi, 17 October 2015 · 515 views

I finished building level 4.  Now I just need to place enemies, script a event, and reprogram the 4th boss. 
I thought up a way to reduce my metamapping screen writing routine. 
Before:void WriteScreen() {y=0;c=0;x=0;for(i=0;i!=192;i++){c=Data[i];if(c==0){put_frame(SkyDkBlu,x,y,2,2);}if(c==1){put_frame(SkyTrans,x,y,2,2);}i...

Rock Cutter

Posted by Kiwi, 14 October 2015 · 822 views

When I first program this game, I wanted to make a platformer.  I did make a gameboy mockup for Pixelation challenge thread long long time ago. 

Then went on to make a Mock-up of Rock Cutter, if it was made for NES. 

I made this in Flash 5.  I didn't really know how to program back then.  The Game...

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