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Scroll screen

Posted by Kiwi, 21 August 2010 · 301 views

I constructed this scroll screen via programming. Here how I made this screen.

static void ScrollScreen(void)
byte x; //declare x
rle2vram(PATTERN2RLE, 0x0400); //pour pattern data into char 128-384(my letters are in char 0-127)
rle2vram(COLOR2RLE, 0x2400); //pour color data after my letter's color which is...

Continuing programming for the Colecovision.

Posted by Kiwi, 20 August 2010 · 376 views

After 7 month, I decided to resume programming my Colecovision projects, since I am in a mood to do so. Also, ICVGM fault for being damn awesome, which I posted my artwork I made with that program up on the CV programming forum. I wanted to share with them what I have made with ICVGM. That motivated me to resume...

Megaman for the GameGear

Posted by Kiwi, 20 March 2010 · 393 views
Game Gear Megaman
Megaman for the Gamegear exist. This version of Megaman isn't very good. This game is made by FreeStyle Software Limited and Published by USgold. The introduction sequence and the title screen is taken from Megaman 4. It doesn't have the full introduction sequence from the original source, but it's there and to the point. Megaman wakes up in a capsul...

Planning of making Gameplay Footage of the Flashback 1

Posted by Kiwi, 09 February 2010 · 481 views
and 1 more...
I played more of the Flashback in depth. I have more to say about it, I mean how can someone screw up programming Adventure for the NES-on-the-Chip. I think making a gameplay footage of the original Atari version vs the Flashback version would be interesting for someone to see. Basically the original Flashback 1.0 is a NES-on-the-chip. The games had to...

Atari Flashback

Posted by Kiwi, 21 January 2010 · 2,637 views
Atari 2600 7800 Flashback
I recently had a chance to try out the Atari Flashback console. I was curious since my girlfriend brought it for her father and she mention there are Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 games on it. We didn't know what the games were and we decided to hook it up and see. The first thing that I did with this console that I plug in the atari2600 controller. ...

Mean Santa

Posted by Kiwi, 08 January 2010 · 564 views
Mean Santa Atari 2600
This is a new Atari 2600 homebrew game designed by Tim Duarte. This game is programmed by John K. Harvey. This game was completed and released in October 2009. I got this game as a gift to my soulmate.

I originally chose Mario Bros for the Colecovision to buy for my girlfriend. I tried contacting the developer seeing if I can buy this game via forum...

Terminator Salvation

Posted by Kiwi, 28 December 2009 · 887 views
Terminator 2 is my personal best movie of all time. I watched this movie multiple of times, and it never seems to get old. The Original terminator had a human vs the machine, while T2 had an obsolete machine against a superior machine. T3 had the same obsolete machine against the overpowered machine. Terminator Salvation ditch that cat and mouse game,...

What is Sony doing with the PSP?

Posted by Kiwi, 18 December 2009 · 373 views
Playstation Portable
When this handheld system came out, everyone who wanted one was excited to get their hands on this system. I mean, they made PSP e-magazine for it, made videos that would play on the PSP, and etc. The media on the other hand didn't care much about it. Is Sony either on-board with this system, or not? Do Sony suffer from bi-polar disorder? Sigh......

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