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Planning of making Gameplay Footage of the Flashback 1

Posted by Kiwi, 09 February 2010 · 474 views

flashback Atari 2600 7800 NES-on-the-chip
I played more of the Flashback in depth. I have more to say about it, I mean how can someone screw up programming Adventure for the NES-on-the-Chip. I think making a gameplay footage of the original Atari version vs the Flashback version would be interesting for someone to see. Basically the original Flashback 1.0 is a NES-on-the-chip. The games had to be remade from stratch in order for it to work on the NES because NES and Atari graphic and sound hardware are very different from each other. It's basically Atari's TIA chip vs NES PPU(Picture Processing Unit). Both have it pros and weakness.

I searched Youtube for good gameplay footage of the Flashback 1.0, but they were either clips of the games itself or camera being pointed at the tv screen, or I just suck at searching. I just ordered the Flashback 1.0 off Ebay. The guy is probably thinking what kind of idiot would buy this piece of junk. Well, I wanted to show people how different these games look from the original version. I have a TV tuner card to capture the footage directly so the image quality should be fairly good. For each games, I'm going to produce about 10 minutes of footage of all 20 games(original and flashback), so you can all laugh at how horrible I am playing these games(Gravitar going to be horrifying for me to play ><), literately. Some game I will go over the 10 minute mark for games like Adventure and Food Fight, but will be edited down to ten minutes and 59 seconds, showing the good bits. I will probably have a 2-5 minutes comparsion video comparing the real version vs the flashback version.

What I know from the original Flashback, it was a rushed project to meet the Christmas deadline and it shows. Flashback 2 is the version to get if you want to play the real version of these games.

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