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Howard Scott Warshaw Cares About Bootlegging His Stuff

Posted by Gemintronic, 19 December 2013 · 534 views

I sent him an email regarding someone who chose to upload a documentary of his that he still sells.  He actually bothered to reply!
Sometimes with developers my messages get sent straight to dev/nul.  It's nice to see that he takes the time to communicate AND has a sense of humor :)

Insomnia ensues #4 - Coding Atari 2600 games 'till dawn!

Posted by Gemintronic, 09 June 2013 · 514 views

10:19pmI'm having a bit of coders block on my current project.  I have to make a "victim" appear and avoid the player.  It also needs to traverse the multi-screen game map.  I've coded myself into a corner and can't kludge my way out.I've had a decent supper of yak meat and pizza rolls.  Currently suckling on a caraffe of diet coke...

Insomnia ensues III! Coding Atari 2600 games 'till dawn!

Posted by Gemintronic, 23 April 2013 · 804 views

Had a nap.  Had a full meal.  Getting stoked on Mt. Dew.  Have http://coffitivity.com/ playing in the background.  Time to code for extended and unreasonable durations!10:00pm 'till now:Getting bogged down trying to figure out the smartest way to block the player from leaving the 5x5 screen overworld.  Hopefully by the end of the next hour I can s...

Dreams in game design.

Posted by Gemintronic, 27 March 2013 · 701 views

I just had a dream about a game.See, in order to impress a love interest our hero has to guide a stray cat to a food bowl.  The hero must traverse an obstacle and puzzle filled isometric level.  The cat must be allowed to follow the player.  If the player steps on a pressure plate the kitties AI knows enough to move to the appropriate panel or activate a...

Insomnia Ensues II! Late weekend coding frenzy!

Posted by Gemintronic, 10 February 2013 · 809 views

7:11pmHaven't been focused all weekend.  Couldn't get into the coding groove.  I'm hoping blogging my decent into maddness will get me in the mood.Working on the rewrite of MMSBC II http://www.atariage....msbc-2-wip/Plan is an update every hour until I can't take it anymore.  I'm truly scrizooed if it isn't ne...

Insomnia ensues! Coding at 2am on a workday..

Posted by Gemintronic, 31 January 2013 · 586 views

Let's see how far I get.  I'm working on MMSBC 2  on a hard deadline of Mid February.  I'd hoped to have this in the bag before the end of January but obviously that didn't happen.I'll try to post once every hour until I either give up or it's time for work.I've got my instant coffee at supersaturation levels in a re-used 42oz...

How to lose customers by rebuking feedback

Posted by Gemintronic, 19 December 2012 · 615 views

I recently got into an Early Adopter program for an MMO creation and management company.  Basically, they give you most of the tools and the server AND the credit card transaction processing for a big chunk of your revenue.  Fair enough.Trouble is, the only way to import assets is through extremely expensive 3d software that one must be specifically train...

Augscii #3

Posted by Gemintronic, 26 September 2012 · 478 views

Okay, finally getting down to drawing the font.  Got preliminaries for the numbers and letters.  Seems to be a bold font.  I seem to be trying to make the letter and numbers more symmetric in case I need to use them for graphics.  Haven't fully thought out what symbols to gut in the ASCII table.  The addition of Googly eyes are a must!

Augscii Bitmap Font #2

Posted by Gemintronic, 25 September 2012 · 605 views

I'm using a Game Maker 5 project as a kind of "portfolio" for the Augscii font.  Basically, storing the font as a sprite with multiple (256) images.  I also attached other famous bitmap fonts for reference including the Aquarius MZ-700 and C64.  Put in a sample of my "Perfect Palette" too.

The perfect palette was my attempt to make...

Homework assignment: Augscii Bitmap Font

Posted by Gemintronic, 24 September 2012 · 461 views

Seems to be some demand for new Genesis homebrew.  Currently I've got on small shooter and a bigger project on my plate in that area.

I'm thinking it's time to bring back Character based graphics like the MZ-700 and Aquarius.  The IntellivisionLives people haven't responded to emails since 2011 about using the Aquarius character set.  In...