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7800basic update #3. the woods are lovely, dark and deep

Posted by RevEng, 28 February 2014 · 1,294 views

The 7800basic 0.1 beta is now public.

It's possible to create games with 7800basic, but it's by no means finished. I figured I'd share some of the features I have planned, in no particular order...
  • some mechanism to fill those pesky DMA holes that I mentioned in the last blog entry. This isn't a particularly sexy feature, but not wasting 2k/4k of space between graphics areas is important.
  • adapt the nice hex2bcd conversion routine that omegamatrix wrote
  • a plot command for drawing fuel gauges, energy bars, etc.
  • SaveKey/AtariVox save support
  • AtariVox voice support
  • HSC support
  • Pokey support
  • the ability to specify zones in different graphics modes
  • formal scrolling support
I'm sure someone has suggestions to add. Feel free to post them here, or in the 7800basic thread. I'd love to hear them!

But before tackling the feature list, for a short moment I'm just going to stand and enjoy the scenery. By which I mean continuing work on the 7800basic game I started. :)

Hopefully Visual batari Basic will eventually work with this.

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It may happen. But even if Jeff doesn't want to port vbb, I'm sure someone will eventually fill the niche.

I'd also like to see something cross platform some day, like an Eclipse plug-in. JAC! did some very cool stuff for 6502 assembly development with his WUSDN Eclipse plug-in.
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The Wusdn Eclipse plug-in is pretty amazing. It would be great to use that with 7800basic.



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Agreed on both points!
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