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Irata Anthem, sung by TIA

Posted by RevEng, in programming, audio, 2600 19 May 2012 · 1,205 views

One of my back-burner projects is a spiritual sequel to M.U.L.E, for the 2600. So far I just have a planet kernel, species+color choice kernel, and the beginnings of a theme. The game will be developed at my usual glacial pace, so I figured I'd share the theme, as it could be appreciated on its own...

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When working on it I diverged from my typical process a bit. Usually I compose in Rosegarden and then convert from MIDI to assembly data with TIA values obtained from webtune2600. This time I transposed the song and re-converted a few times until the off-tune notes were pushed to less obvious parts of the song. (ie. not related to the major third, harmonic fifth, etc.)

It turned out pretty well, I think!