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Tool-Assisted Speedruns, and why they're stupid.

Posted by Enig, 15 April 2012 · 3,399 views

Speedruns- a virtual race to see who can beat a game the fastest, glitches or no.

Tool-assisted speedruns- a virtual race to see who can beat a game the fastest by just letting a bot do the work and then gloating about it.

For years, these videos have gone on- people make a video where they pretty much walk away from the computer while a program plays for them. Then, they upload these, and proceed to act like pompous asses over the fact, even though what they're doing is akin to either steroids or corked bats.

Yes, it's time for the anti-TASvideos bandwagon!

TASvideos is a community of people (re: lazy users with severe USI) who strive to beat and improve the high speed runthroughs of video games... with computer software.

These people are somehow proud of the fact that what they're doing is actually cheating on many levels, no matter how many times they throw out the old "it's to push the limits and go beyond human limits in a gaem!!1!" line in pitiful defense. Not to mention how bad the site's design is, especially the whole, oh, I don't know, every frigging video appearing on one page.

Not only that, but when you go there, it seems like all sorts of great videos of different games being pushed beyond bounds that improve times by great jumps are refused in favor of the admin's (not even going to namedrop here) 78,933rd rerun of Sonic 2, improved by 1.8 milliseconds. Somehow, these people are entertained by millisecond gaps. Proof that Daleks use the internet? (have to investigate into that field now...)

That, and they're the community who attempted to abandon FCE Ultra (one of the best NES emulators ever made, sans NEStopia) for "BizHawk", a new emulator that doesn't pass on accuracy, has poor emulation, won't support ROMs that don't have mappers, changed the video file format to the highly self-centered .TAS format, runs at half-speed (and even lower sometimes), and is literally a worse-off version of Mednafen, an already cluny and GUIless multisystem emulator (even though MESS already won in that sector). Also, concerning their database, in order to add games to it, you better have a hex editor geared up and that you don't screw up the SHA-1 hash, or else no videos for you (if you somehow still enjoy TASes at all)!

And speaking of the emulator's lack of mapperless support, they must not have wanted people to play Super Mario Bros.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather trust glitchruns through Elder Scrolls than an automated run of Mario 64 for the 80 billionth time.


Serious business!
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TAS speedruns are dumb. Why would anyone want to do that? I guess if you hate playing video games...
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There's absolutely nothing wrong with TAS speedruns. I think they're great.

You have to realize what they are. 1. They are NOT and were never meant to be actual gameplay videos. 2. They are meant to entertain. and 3. They're truly just for fun.

I really do enjoy watching them. Not sure why anyone with an interest in videogames wouldn't like them.
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