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Lynx Game List Part 1

Posted by MrBland, 25 July 2012 · 4,354 views

I wanted a complete list of Lynx games. There are a lot of lists out there but none quite seemed complete. Atari Smeghead has a nice list for the cart variations. With his permission I am using his list as a start and plan to add more games and info on each to the list. Where convenient I will probibly just link to sites that have the info I want for a particular game. Suggestions and comments are welcome.

To Lynx Game List Part 2

3-D Demo720 DegreesA Bug's LynxAlien InboundAlien vs Predator *Demo*Alpine Games -Alpine Games Bonus cartAnti A-Bomb Aircraft ArtilleryA.P.B.AtomixAutostereogramAwesome GolfBarsBaseball HeroesBasketbrawlBatman ReturnsBattlespaceBattleWheelsBattlezone 2000BarsBefokBill & TedBitchy (only 20 created)Block OutBlue LightningBlue Lightning *Demo*BoboBreakBubble TroubleBurn'RubberCalifornia GamesCalifornia Games 2Catacomb RiderCatkanoidCentipede 2000 *Demo*CGE 5th Anniversary (60 produced)C-GullChampionship RallyCheckered FlagChip 8 emulatorChip's ChallengeChoplifterClicks!ColumnsConquistadorCrystal Mines IICrystal Mines II:Buried TreasureCyber VirusCyber Virus CinciClassic Edition (25 produced)Daemon's Gate *Demo*Demolition DerbyDesert StrikeDinolympicsDirty LarryDistant LandsDo The SameDouble DragonDracula the UndeadDragnet *Sound Demo*DragonSagaDungeon SlayersDynablaster (Bootleg)ElectrocopEuro Soccer ChallengeEye of the Beholder *Beta pre-release*Eye of the Beholder *Demo*Fat BobbyFat Bobby DemoFidelity Ultimate ChessFinal StrikeFormula OneGarciGates of ZendoconGauntlet: The Third EncounterGeoduelGordo 106GP ZetaGravitar physics techdemoGreen Little Quak QuakGrid Runner
  • "Grid Runner is the same game that became Hyperdrome"- Agent X
Hard Drivin'HiColor SlideshowHockeyHot Dog(75 made?)HydraHyperdromeIshidoJellybeansJimmy Connors TennisJoustKarateboyKarate World TourKill the Lynx (5 produced)KlaxKnightmareKnight MovesKrazy Ace Miniature GolfKung FoodLean MachinesLemmingsLevi the LynxLexis -LimneyLode Runner *Demo*LoopzLuchsenstein 3DLynx CasinoLynx DiagnosticLynx Flashcart
  • Cart- Red PCB
Lynx Music & SFXLynx ReloadedLynx OpsLynxopolyLynxopoly Demo
  • Cart- Red PCB (Comes with and made to run on Flashcart)
Lynx OthelloLynx SketchLynxtrisGreen PCB 1 - Regular/basic design, including B&C, Best, Duranik, Songbird's second green PCB, Video 61, bootlegs, etc.
Green PCB 2 - Songbird's 1st, longer PCB
Green PCB 3 - Telegames with the large, encased chip

Black PCB 1 - Songbird's "Long Live the Lynx" board w/ external, square chip (with two different labels - one with the name printed in block, black letters, and one with a full color fancy label)
Black PCB 2 - Telegames board with "internal" (flush with the circuit board) TSOP flash chip

We have now seen PCBs in the following colors: Green, Black, Red, White and Blue.
And we have seen our first post-Atari release on a curved cart (shown as New Curved)

Klax has a Japanese variation - though curved like the regular, the label is different and the large, rectangular chip is slightly raised on the back.

To Lynx Game List Part 2

I need to pick up a few more Lynx games. I'm not after a full list, but there are still a few titles I'd like to get.
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By the way, you'll probably want to grab my legend to put at the bottom of this. Otherwise, no one will know what a Green PCB 1, 2 or 3 is exactly.
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No Reversi? ;)

And what about Metal Mutant?
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I think...the ROM images for Mechtiles (demo) and Vindicators (beta?) are floating out there in the ether. I heard that some copies of TNT Terry were burned in '99 or 2000. We also shouldn't forget that Distant Lands exists in some form...I really should as Chris for an update.
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Thanks for your suggestions, this weekend I plan on working on it some more. It is an ongoing project, I have a pretty good sized list sitting on my desk I need to enter in. With your help we'll get them all :)
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