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Double Dragon comics (1990s 6-issue miniseries)

Posted by bomberpunk, 25 November 2014 · 689 views

[#020] I loved this miniseries as a kid and there is currently no way to enjoy it digitally on a computer or tablet. A few weeks ago, I set out to change that. I had emailed Marvel to ask if they would ever digitally re-release the series, and they said no. I have two complete sets in my possession (one minty and unread, the other in decent condition). Starting around 7:30pm, I scanned the pages of issue #1 while also watching the Saints lose to the Ravens. I spent another hour or so editing the scans down and when I was done with that, I found a free program what would turn all those JPG files into a digital book format (CBZ extension). I emailed Comixology and asked them about side loading these CBZ files, and they replied quickly (probably within 15 minutes) and said it's currently not a feature. I tried to figure it out on my own and said fuck it after several failed attempts. Then I downloaded some other android app called "A Comic Reader", which lets me point to any folder and load CBZ and PDF files. And BOOM, Double Dragon #1 is on my tablet. I'll scan the remaining five issues next week so that I can put my hard copies in storage and out of this tiny little house I share with my wife and beautiful 1-year-old daughter.
if you want to read about the series, there isn't much online other than this spoiler-filled blog entry:

Issue #2 completed. went back and spent more time on Issue #1 edits (getting rid of more whitespace border and using the anti Fade feature in Paint Shop Pro 7, a very outdated program).


Might as well start scanning #3 before work today.

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FYI, i stopped scanning about halfway through issue #3 because my HP Envy started turning each panel on a page into separate pages, then started doing all kinds of weird shit like turning one word bubble into a full page. at some point i'll figure out how to adjust settings so it doesn't look for borders or whatever it's doing, but until then i have other projects i'm working on, plus some christmas shopping.

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Someone else started and finished what i did not. and their colors aren't washed out either. maybe they had the source material or are photoshopping geniuses.


Either way, click this to get your digital copies:


(from there, click the "florenfile.com" graphic to access the zip file)

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