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Mod to MEDIT for APX Pascal to make it work

Posted by hloberg, in programming, Atari 800 21 January 2019 · 26 views
atari 800, apx, medit, editor and 2 more...
I have been testing the waters of Atari APX Pascal recent and have been having an issue with MEDIT blowing up when run from the Pascal menu. I twittered the great Bill Lange who gave me the fix.
(1) As you probably know, you have to copy the MEDIT executable over to your work disk image in disk drive D2. In addition, MEDIT needs a minor modificatio...

Learning Action! part 3, loop da loop

Posted by hloberg, in programming, Atari 800, Action! 21 January 2019 · 25 views
action!, atari, ataro 8-bit and 2 more...
Today’s lesson is loops.
Today’s lesson is loops.
Today’s lesson is loops.
Today’s... sorry, couldn’t resist the joke.
Welcome back to learning about OSS Action! for the Atari 8-bit.
As usual, We’ll start with a program,
PROC MAIN() ;part 1
  PRINTE(" ")

Demo in Action!

Posted by hloberg, in programming, Atari 800, Action! 20 January 2019 · 77 views
atari, action!, atari 800 and 1 more...
Note: I'll be covering this program and how it compares to Atari BASIC in an upcoming post. Till then, enjoy.; "H:LINES.ACT"PROC MAIN() BYTE Y1, Y2, Z, T INT A, B, C, D CARD X1, X2 ;INTL VAR X1=9 Y1=12 X2=40 Y2=30 Z=1 T=0 A=5 B=5 C=5 D=5 GRAPHICS(7+16) ;INFIN LOOP WHILE Z DO COLOR=Z PLOT(X1,Y1) DRAWTO(X2,Y2) ;RAND(X)...

Learning Action! Part 3; If Then

Posted by hloberg, in programming, Atari 800, Action! 16 January 2019 · 67 views
action!, Tutorial, Atari 8-bit and 2 more...
Welcome Back to Action!
I'm going to break this lesson up into two parts. Today, the first part we will look at IF-THEN statements.
Next time we’ll look at LOOPs.
So here’s the program.
;(PART 1)

Learning Action! Part 2, resources

Posted by hloberg, in programming, Atari 800, Action! 15 January 2019 · 58 views
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Learning Action! Part 2, resources Before we get too far into learning I'm going to post some resources for Action!.
First off, the books. The reference manual and a quick reference

Here is the .bin for the cartridge that can be loaded into Altirra and the runtime package.

here is a collection of modules and a toolkit that can be added to your Action! program in .d...

Learning Action!

Posted by hloberg, in Atari 800, Action! 11 January 2019 · 117 views
atari 800, atari 8-bit, action! and 2 more...
Learning Action! I, finally, am getting around to learning Action! My goal is to learn Action! to create a sequel to my Atari 2600 game 'Parsec 2600' on the Atari 8-bit.
Anyway, the best way I have found to learn something is to teach others while I'm learning it. So, here it goes.
Action! is a cross between 'C', Pascal with a little bit of Assembler thrown in for good me...

A game for the Atari 2600

Posted by hloberg, in TI99, Atari 2600 01 January 2019 · 90 views
atari 2600, game, parsec, shooter
repost of the game I wrote for the Atari 2600 in batari BASIC.
use the Harmony cartridge or like cartridge to play the game.
Parsec 2600
instructions: simple shooter.
at bottom left is max ships left (shows up to 4). start game with 8,
1st wave is swoopers. timer on right to clear level.higher levels you must hit up to 3 times to clea...

A game in Atari Microsoft BASIC

Posted by hloberg, in Atari 2600, Microsoft BASIC 31 December 2018 · 59 views

this is a repost from the Atari 8-bit forum. I will be adding more games and more thoughts on Atari Microsoft BASIC in the future
little while back I posted a reconsideration of Atari MS BASIC http://atariage.com/...ering-ms-basic/
I not long after that started on an Uno game in BASIC. worked on it on and off for while but got series a couple week...

1st color computer game: awari (updated with software attached)

Posted by hloberg, in TI99, Microsoft BASIC, coco2 30 December 2018 · 119 views
coco2, color computer and 1 more...
few days ago I commented on re-evaluating the Color Computer and
how I now appreciate the simplicity of it's design.
Well, I wrote my 1st program for it: Awari.
I originally wrote Awari for the TI-99 (see post in TI-99 IUG).
When I found the IUG files on the TI99 archive I pulled out the
games I thought where mine, one being Awari. (oddly I found that

Tandy Color Computer II, a reconsider

Posted by hloberg, in coco2, Uncategorized, programming 27 December 2018 · 58 views

a couple years back I got a Color Computer 3 for $20. the guy said that it was busted but I thought, why not. Turned out I was able to get it to work and resold it for $150.00. I even managed to get 'Drive Wire' to get to work on it.
ever since then I have been toying with the thought of getting another Coco. I even did get a Coco 2, very briefly, but it...