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Kull Extended BASIC II TI-99 XB extensions

Posted by hloberg, in TI99, programming 01 May 2019 · 184 views
ti-99/4a, ti-99, Peter Kull and 5 more...
A few years ago I came across this disk of extensions to XB and was intrigued. It had nice high resolution capabilities and some interesting clock functions. I initially did some research and found it was released by Peter Kull in Germany in the 80s and that he has since disappeared from the TI99 scene. Not much more was known about it.
Well, life happene...

TI-99 40 column text game using T40XB

Posted by hloberg, in TI99 20 April 2019 · 199 views
ti-99/4a, 40 column, game and 2 more...
I have been going through my Atari 8-bit games and looking to translate them into TI-99 games, mostly BASIC. The games I wrote in Atari MSBASIC are fairly straight forward translations. Atari BASIC has the issue of strings being completely different but can be got around.
One thing that both Atari BASICs have in common is the Atari uses 40 column text. Th...

Atari Programming with 55 Programs by Linda M. Schreiber

Posted by hloberg, in Uncategorized, programming 23 February 2019 · 156 views
programming, books, basic, atari
Atari Programming with 55 Programs by Linda M. Schreiber
This is the book I learned the basics of Atari BASIC. One of the best beginners book on Atari BASIC and the Atari in general I have read.
Linda Schreiber did not talk down to you in the book. But, she did give very complete instructions with lots of explanations and a line by line description of wha...

Color Computer 2 semi-graphics mode 8

Posted by hloberg, in programming, coco2 16 February 2019 · 146 views

this is a short blog. Again playing around with the Color Computer 2 & came across the semi-graphic mode 8. This mode isn't really addressable straight from BASIC. You have to do a series of POKES and address the screen by the location in memory, but it still has potential. you can display all 9 color on the screen...

Lines in compiled Atari Turbo BASIC XL

Posted by hloberg, in Atari 800, Action! 12 February 2019 · 110 views
atari basic, turbo basic xl and 1 more...
Here is the Lines demo I did for the CoCo2 and Atari Action! As you may see the TBXL compiled is as fast as the Action! version. This is one of the reasons why I soured on Action! after testing it and using it for a while. Action! is a nice programming language but it's just not that much better for what was already out there at the time for the limitatio...

Some Atari TurboBASIC XL games

Posted by hloberg, in programming, Atari 800 08 February 2019 · 209 views
atari xl, basic, turbo basic xl and 2 more...
For this time I am posting some programs I wrote or modified in that wonderful BASIC Atari TurboBASIC XL.

There are four games:
Awari - this is just the Atari TBXL version of the Awari game I already posted for the TI-99/4a and the CoCo2. It's the fast version so far and is
programmed in Gr.0 characters. I cleaned up the logic a little mor...

LINES demo for the Tandy Color Computer 2

Posted by hloberg, in programming, coco2 31 January 2019 · 130 views
color computer, coco2, trs-80 and 3 more...
Here is simple little demo I did for the Atari Action! tutorial on the Tandy Color Computer 2. It's written in BASIC. I choose the green background but maybe the 'buff' background might be better?
Anyway, the Youtube video.
and the code:
15 PMODE 1,1
20 SCREEN 1,0
35 COLOR 3,5
40 X1...

Learning Action! part 5, That's all folks!

Posted by hloberg, in Atari 800, Action! 29 January 2019 · 103 views
action, atari, programming
Well, I was going to go over P/M graphics for Action! but found the book says little about P/M graphics, sigh. So, I'm going to end the tutorials here. 
I could go over pointers and arrays but I plan to do some tutorials in the future on Atari C and Pascal which use Pointers and Arrays much more extensively and with better manuals (and books).
But kn...

Learning Action! part 4, Graphics Demo

Posted by hloberg, in programming, Atari 800, Action! 22 January 2019 · 177 views
atari 800, action!, programming and 1 more...
Sunday I posted a LINES.ACT to the blog and Youtube.
It’s a fun little program I use to test programming languages and retro-computers. It originated on the TI-99 Mini-Memory as a demo program. So far I have converted the program to Atari BASIC, Atari MicroSoft BASIC, Atari Action!, Ta...

Mod to MEDIT for APX Pascal to make it work

Posted by hloberg, in programming, Atari 800 21 January 2019 · 150 views
atari 800, apx, medit, editor and 2 more...
I have been testing the waters of Atari APX Pascal recent and have been having an issue with MEDIT blowing up when run from the Pascal menu. I twittered the great Bill Lange who gave me the fix.
(1) As you probably know, you have to copy the MEDIT executable over to your work disk image in disk drive D2. In addition, MEDIT needs a minor modificatio...