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Atari Programming with 55 Programs by Linda M. Schreiber

Posted by hloberg, in Uncategorized, programming 23 February 2019 · 106 views
programming, books, basic, atari
Atari Programming with 55 Programs by Linda M. Schreiber
This is the book I learned the basics of Atari BASIC. One of the best beginners book on Atari BASIC and the Atari in general I have read.
Linda Schreiber did not talk down to you in the book. But, she did give very complete instructions with lots of explanations and a line by line description of wha...

Color Computer 2 semi-graphics mode 8

Posted by hloberg, in programming, coco2 16 February 2019 · 102 views

this is a short blog. Again playing around with the Color Computer 2 & came across the semi-graphic mode 8. This mode isn't really addressable straight from BASIC. You have to do a series of POKES and address the screen by the location in memory, but it still has potential. you can display all 9 color on the screen...

Lines in compiled Atari Turbo BASIC XL

Posted by hloberg, in Atari 800, Action! 12 February 2019 · 73 views
atari basic, turbo basic xl and 1 more...
Here is the Lines demo I did for the CoCo2 and Atari Action! As you may see the TBXL compiled is as fast as the Action! version. This is one of the reasons why I soured on Action! after testing it and using it for a while. Action! is a nice programming language but it's just not that much better for what was already out there at the time for the limitatio...

Some Atari TurboBASIC XL games

Posted by hloberg, in programming, Atari 800 08 February 2019 · 157 views
atari xl, basic, turbo basic xl and 2 more...
For this time I am posting some programs I wrote or modified in that wonderful BASIC Atari TurboBASIC XL.

There are four games:
Awari - this is just the Atari TBXL version of the Awari game I already posted for the TI-99/4a and the CoCo2. It's the fast version so far and is
programmed in Gr.0 characters. I cleaned up the logic a little mor...