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New computer Windows 10

Posted by Serguei2, 27 October 2018 · 155 views

I bought a new computer recently with windows 10 installed.
The first thing I noted is Cortana asks me to tell something each time I turn on the computer.
Why did Microsoft put Cortana when the computer starts? It's annoying!
It could be an application when I want to talk with it.
The most tools I used from Vista still work on 10.
I can still make movies and games.

Just about any feature can be turned off or disabled or suppressed. Cortana is on at start up because that appeals to many new users in the modern smart phone generation. Google "Windows 10 disable Cortana" - maybe filter results for the last month or even year and you will find plenty to ways to do it. If you had installed Windows 10 yourself, during the install you'd have been givin options of disabling Cortana and several other features and reducing others, I suspect because your new machine came pre-installed with Windows that it was simply installed with all the "bells and whistles", every feature on by default so you can experience them and then choose like most people what to turn off or remove etc. It's a new OS with different features and settings, things change, that is how it works, always has been.


Simple Google searches will provide you with numerous ways to tailor Windows 10 to just how you like it. Myself, on all my machines I just use a free program that is pretty much a interface to easily control all Windows settings and many that would not normally be accessible to the basic user. It is called Winaero Tweaker and after installing and updating Win10 it is pretty much my go to program for taming Windows. Honestly though, just take some time getting to know the OS first and you might be surprised you wont need an external program. Windows 10 is perfectly FINE for most and like it or not it is the current Windows standard so best to get on with it and deal with it before support drops on older versions. So, that is my advice and thought I would drop it before the barrage of people that inevitably  come into such threads to bash Windows for all the "changes" and the big brother conspiracies lol. Enjoy Windows 10, there is actually a lot of reason to for anyone who takes a little time or makes even the slightest effort, I promise the time and effort used to constantly complain about Windows 10 is better focused on just learning to use it properly, personally I would not use a modern computer without it, LINUX for older machines and Windows 10 for new modern Hardware is fantastic. 

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