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I'd better play Tetris on Game Boy

Posted by Serguei2, 10 January 2019 · 65 views

I went to pharmacy today. The first thing I noted is a bin full of Game Pokes, a handheld game with 100 games and they are black and white systems.
Attached Image
This handheld system uses a battery-watch to run.
Based on screenshot, the graphic seems to be poorer compared to the Game Boy.
These systems are sold for only $9.99.
If Game Poke was released in 1990s, it could have a little success and take an alternative to the Gameboy, but today in 2019,
it's just crazy. Kids today enjoy more playing on smartphones than this terrible black and white system.
The bin full of Game Pokes will stay full for a long time.
A pharmacy is not a right shop to sell Game Pokes.

In particular as you probably have no problems finding a Chinese knockoff handheld with full colour LCD and loaded with both obscure and pirated games for $20 or thereabouts. Those cheap 1000-in-1 black and white brick games were popular some ~15 years ago but feel very outdated to sell today, even if $10 is not much money.

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