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The Casio DH-100 project plan

Posted by Pack007, 20 August 2017 · 37 views
DH-100, MIDI
The Casio DH-100 project plan Between the time that the Casio DH-100 Digital Horn was introduced and todays prices on eBay, the price dropped to the point where it seemed to be a bargain.  I was fortunate enough to have pulled the batteries (15 years ago), so there was a good chance that it would still work. 
Now I want to build an Atari8 sound module to accept MIDI i...

CRUTCHFIELD Spring 1982 catalog

Posted by Pack007, 05 August 2017 · 217 views
CRUTCHFIELD Spring 1982 catalog A co-worker gave me his copy of the Spring 1982 Crutchfield catalog knowing I was looking into buying my first computer.  This catalog contained 15 pages of Atari product information (page93-107). I was impressed with the graphics capabilities but the onscreen lower case letters made the 800 my first computer. I have never regretted that de...


Posted by Pack007, 13 July 2017 · 236 views
MIDI, Arduino, SAM
S.A.M. RAAKS YUW I've added a third computer to the MIDI chain.  Computer #1 plays drums, and Computer #2 runs S.A.M. and Computer  #3 plays the lead,  .  Each computer had a specific BASIC program written to read data from the joystick ports. For this example, Queen's -" We Will Rock You" was arranged for the three computers. You can listen to the MP3...

MIDI MUSIC SYSTEM and Two Synth Drums

Posted by Pack007, 27 May 2017 · 262 views
Midi, mms, drum
A second Atari8 running SYNDRUM3.BAS was added to the MIDI chain without timing problems.  There didn't seem to be a delay between the sounds from the two computers when playing 2 drum sounds on the same beat.   Listen to the drum patterns and judge for yourself.

Since the SYNDRUM program onl...

MIDI MUSIC SYSTEM and one Synth Drum

Posted by Pack007, 20 May 2017 · 221 views

MIDI MUSIC SYSTEM and one Synth Drum Last time the MIDI keyboard was talking to the Atari 8 running SYNDRUM3.BAS.  This time the MIDI keyboard will be replaced by an Atari8 running MIDI MUSIC SYSTEM software(MMS).  I needed to estimate the SYNDURM program's ability to respond to some faster tempos.
I have a good idea of the SYNDRUM software's capabilities but had to tak...

My Ultimate Atari8 MIDI Rack

Posted by Pack007, 02 May 2017 · 213 views

I was getting a second Atari 8bit operational to use as a MIDI SynthDrum sound module controlled by the first running the MIDI MUSIC SYSTEM and MIDIMAX,  when I had to leave for a babysitting gig in Rochester.  I knew I would have some free time and took a pencil and paper to sketch out a plan for my ultimate 8-bit MIDI rack.
At the end o...

Drum Synth- Antic 2/85, MIDIfied

Posted by Pack007, 18 March 2017 · 338 views
Drum kit, MIDI, Arduino
Drum Synth/Bass Synth by Glen Gutierrez are 2 programs featured in the Antic Feb. 1985 issue.  Antic Editor: "These are the most realistic instrument simulations we've ever heard at Antic."  The Drum Synth program has been MIDIfied to except data from an Arduino+MIDI shield through the joystick port.  Now the drums can be beat from a MIDI k...

A8 MIDI and the Atari Age of rediscovery

Posted by Pack007, 03 March 2017 · 230 views
MIDI, MMS, MIDIMate, midimax
When I started the Computer Blues Project I really thought there was no way to program the MIDI MATE from BASIC and that using the RS232 port was an option.  If you don't have a MIDI Mate or MIDI Max, it is an option. If you do, there are ways of programing BASIC MIDI applications for them.   I am just now starting to discover those me...

The Voice Synthesizer - before I move on

Posted by Pack007, 09 February 2017 · 231 views
Voice Synthesizer, RS232, DFROBOT
Getting the DFRobot voice synthesis shield working was an interim project until I could justify the procurement of a Wizztronics MidiMax unit.  Now that it is here I want to get the last experiments documented, in case I ever want to turn the shield into a MIDI device.
The last modification to the type and talk program added the ability t...

Type & Talk, just 3 lines of BASIC Code

Posted by Pack007, 18 January 2017 · 297 views
Speech Synthesis, RS232, 850 and 1 more...
How many lines of Atari BASIC is required to make the Arduino shield from the last blog post talk?  3 lines - type some text, hit return, send text to the 850 interface and repeat.  The Arduino receives the text, does a little reformatting, then sends that string to the XFS5051CE chip for speech synthesis.  This isn't just for the Atar...

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