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DH-100 - The Sound of Possible Music

Posted by Pack007, 16 January 2018 · 64 views
Finally got the DH-100 digital horn telling the Atari8 what tones to make and when.  There was a couple of times I didn't think it was going to happen.  Luckily the compiled basic program runs fast enough to keep up with the filtered data from the Arduino.  Some sound tests have been recorded and placed in the following ZIP file. ...

DH100 - Interface program / A8 - Frequency tables

Posted by Pack007, 06 January 2018 · 63 views
DH100, DH-100, MIDI, digital horn
I finished work on the last blog entry, unplugged the keyboard and plugged the digital horn.  I was a little surprised to see how much data the breath pressure sensor(after touch) was being streamed to the Atari 8.  Far more then it could keep up with.
The Arduino needed to be reprogramed to reduce the number of bytes being send to the At...

DH100 - MIDI Communication established

Posted by Pack007, 23 December 2017 · 135 views
DH100, DH-100, MIDI, arduino
DH100 - MIDI Communication established I was going to start writing my list of resolutions for 2018. Then I thought about writing about what I didn't accomplish in 2017.  Then I decided to just work on programing the interface and get the Atari to read and print the MIDI data stream through the joystick port.  I had high hopes of creating a midi monitor that would accept the data and...

When is a 410 not a 410?

Posted by Pack007, 26 October 2017 · 278 views
410, Cassette, recorder
When is a 410 not a 410? When it’s a camouflaged storage box.

It took me years of careful deliberation before I could gut one of my 410 Data Cassette Recorders.  I finally came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to replace the belts just so I could play "Sammy the Sea Serpent"....

Controlling the Cassette Motor Control Bit on the A8

Posted by Pack007, 21 September 2017 · 204 views
Cassette, Motor Control
The Cassette Motor Control(CMC) bit in the Port A Controller (PACTL ($D302)) address is going to be used as feed back from the Atari8 to the Arduino in the digital horn project.  This bit controls the logic state of Pin 8 on the SIO port. This bit has been used to control the data cassette motor.  If you're not using the bit to load data from th...

DH100-->A8 MIDI Interface

Posted by Pack007, 11 September 2017 · 226 views
dh100, midi
DH100-->A8 MIDI Interface I have 9 optocouplers setup to receive data from the Arduino for the SAM Rock You project.  Eight for the MIDI data byte from the Arduino and 1 to signal the Trigger when new data is ready to be read by the Atari8.  A tenth optocoupler needs to  be added so that the A8 can let the Arduino know that it is ready for the next byte.

The Casio DH-100 project plan

Posted by Pack007, 20 August 2017 · 360 views
DH-100, MIDI
The Casio DH-100 project plan Between the time that the Casio DH-100 Digital Horn was introduced and todays prices on eBay, the price dropped to the point where it seemed to be a bargain.  I was fortunate enough to have pulled the batteries (15 years ago), so there was a good chance that it would still work. 
Now I want to build an Atari8 sound module to accept MIDI i...

CRUTCHFIELD Spring 1982 catalog

Posted by Pack007, 05 August 2017 · 358 views
CRUTCHFIELD Spring 1982 catalog A co-worker gave me his copy of the Spring 1982 Crutchfield catalog knowing I was looking into buying my first computer.  This catalog contained 15 pages of Atari product information (page93-107). I was impressed with the graphics capabilities but the onscreen lower case letters made the 800 my first computer. I have never regretted that de...


Posted by Pack007, 13 July 2017 · 440 views
MIDI, Arduino, SAM
S.A.M. RAAKS YUW I've added a third computer to the MIDI chain.  Computer #1 plays drums, and Computer #2 runs S.A.M. and Computer  #3 plays the lead,  .  Each computer had a specific BASIC program written to read data from the joystick ports. For this example, Queen's -" We Will Rock You" was arranged for the three computers. You can listen to the MP3...

MIDI MUSIC SYSTEM and Two Synth Drums

Posted by Pack007, 27 May 2017 · 380 views
Midi, mms, drum
A second Atari8 running SYNDRUM3.BAS was added to the MIDI chain without timing problems.  There didn't seem to be a delay between the sounds from the two computers when playing 2 drum sounds on the same beat.   Listen to the drum patterns and judge for yourself.

Since the SYNDRUM program onl...

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