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Out of the Pack

A journey to Bach's Invention 1 and other miscellaneous updates

Posted by k-Pack, 16 September 2018 · 216 views
A journey to Bach's Invention 1 and other miscellaneous updates After recording PRELUDE1.MP3 it seemed that the Atari BASIC sound program needed to be reprogrammed in assembly.  I got out the MAC65 cart and two days later things were so messed up I wasn't sure if it was the Arduino and/or Atari software or the Arduino interface hardware giving me the headaches. 
I decided to go back and setup the equi...

AMS v1.0 Command Summary and Stereo Recording

Posted by k-Pack, 10 August 2018 · 187 views
AMS, Bach, stereo
I've started a project to recreate W. Carlos's Switched on Bach album playlist using the Atari8  as a sound source.  A goal on my bucket list is to finish it.  I intend to use the MIDI Music System to send data to other Ataris that will act as sound synthesizers.   My original thought was to have the ability  to play the song...


Posted by k-Pack, 22 July 2018 · 201 views
SAM, MIDI, MMS, batman
Had some fun recording this one.   
MP3 audio file

MIDIPLUS miniEngine USB - first impressions

Posted by k-Pack, 02 July 2018 · 256 views
MidiPlus, MIDI
MIDIPLUS miniEngine USB - first impressions I ordered the MIDIPLUS miniEngine USB sound synthesizer to reward myself for doing something special.  This is the first chance I've had to play with it and can't remember exactly what that something was.  Maybe it wasn't that special.
The thing that interested me most about this general midi sound module is its size( 3" X 4" X 1"). ...

DB9 Experimenter Box

Posted by k-Pack, 20 June 2018 · 272 views
DB9 Experimenter Box Someday I'm going to take a photo while experimenting with DB9 connectors on the Atari Joystick ports or RS-232 ports and this box is going to be in the middle of a mess of wires.  Some one is likely to ask,  "What's up with that box?"  This is an attempt to have this information ready to answer that very question.

Metronome - Software Timer Demo in DE RE Atari

Posted by k-Pack, 18 March 2018 · 297 views
metronome, software timer
I was thinking about making an 8-step sequencer for a Gakken SX-150 Mark II analog synthesizer using the Atari8.  Then I thought, "Why not just use the Pokey chip instead of the Gakken? "  Then I thought, "Why not develop it using Diamond GOS? I'll bet no one has done that yet." 
While reading up on the hardware and software timers,...

Kaleid-a-vision: A Music Visualizer Technique for Retro Computers

Posted by k-Pack, 18 February 2018 · 339 views
kaleidoscope, Kaleid-a-vision
I can't say I did this on my Atari8, but I can truthfully say I did it with my Atari8.

This video was recorded using the Kaleid-a-vision hardware, Atari8 and video camera.  I would suppose any retro computer or video game machine could be used as a video source. 
The Atari was running a GR9 Demo...

DH100 - A POKEY House of the Rising Sun

Posted by k-Pack, 10 February 2018 · 369 views
DH100, Arduino, MIDI

I finally put together a semi-live performance using the DH-100 Digital Horn to control the sound of an Atari XE computer.  I know that improvements to the hardware/software is not going to improve my ability to play the horn but there is much that can be done to improve the sound.
There were some cha...

Nunchuk Your Way To a Better Pac-man Score

Posted by k-Pack, 29 January 2018 · 353 views
nunchuk, Arduino, pac-man
Nunchuk Your Way To a Better Pac-man Score While playing Pac-man with a standard Atari Joystick, how often have you missed a turn? I may have a solution, if its due to pushing the joystick to far off the four directional axis. If its due to a slow reaction time then you're still on your own.
I noted while playing Pac-man that my granddaughter would rotate the joystick base and start pu...

DH-100 - The Sound of Possible Music

Posted by k-Pack, 16 January 2018 · 358 views
Finally got the DH-100 digital horn telling the Atari8 what tones to make and when.  There was a couple of times I didn't think it was going to happen.  Luckily the compiled basic program runs fast enough to keep up with the filtered data from the Arduino.  Some sound tests have been recorded and placed in the following ZIP file. ...

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