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Musings of the White Lion

Goodbye Toys R Us

Posted by simbalion, 11 March 2018 · 413 views

Well, here we go again. Another US retailer biting the dust. I have to admit, my reactions to the news these past couple of days has ranged from gloominess to anger towards the idiots who have let this happen to what is the last dedicated toy store chain. While increased competition has hurt Toys R Us, it seems the end began in 2005 when they were taken o...

I got a little lion for my birthday!

Posted by simbalion, 07 October 2017 · 304 views

I got a very special little gift today for my birthday. A cute plush of the Saitama Seibu Lions 'Leo' mascot! Not easy to get here in the states. Of course, now Leo can keep an eye on me at all times. :)

The Rover Pipeline: What a mess!

Posted by simbalion, 16 May 2017 · 473 views

It's been getting interesting here of late in my area of Ohio with the Rover Pipeline being built. The company building it, Energy Transfer Associates or something like that, has really been racking up the problems. This is the same company that flattened a historic farm property in Carrol county last year without any sort of permission or warning to the...

My vintage gaming wish list.

Posted by simbalion, 05 May 2017 · 368 views

Figured I'd blog this. This is a little vintage gaming/computer wish list off the top of my head this evening of some stuff I'd still like to find.
First off, a IBM 5150 or 5160 computer. The 5160 or XT version is probably the best and there have to be some left out there! Also programs for said computer (hopefully ones that work with my Tandy 1000SX as w...

And another old building gone in my town..

Posted by simbalion, 13 September 2016 · 379 views

I'm not sure now old it was, but another old structure on Front Street in my town is gone. All to further an old man's ego trip of a city park. An observation deck is to be built there so you can get a really good look at a constantly filthy stretch of river and the smoke coming off the power plant. I'm not kidding, that's what you see from that spot. htt...

Found In a Barn Loft

Posted by simbalion, 02 May 2016 · 546 views

This is one of a few flea market finds I got yesterday, a 1924 Radiola Superheterodyne complete with tubes. According to the seller, he found this buried in the upper loft of an old barn locally. This is a piece of radio history as it is one of the first sets to use the superheterodyne circuit and is basically the first portable superheterodyne radio. Yes...

She followed me home from Party City!

Posted by simbalion, 08 April 2016 · 403 views

It's not a party until the big, Pinkie Pie foil balloon shows up!


Too much Mt. Dew is not a good thing.

Posted by simbalion, 05 February 2016 · 531 views
Mt. Dew
I think I just figured out why I am so much on edge lately. Too much freakin' Mt. Dew. I just realized I am drinking the stuff like an addict and I have a feeling that is part of the reason why I am so much on edge lately. I'm basically to the point I am hardly drinking anything else during the work day and that's not good... Not to say there aren't thing...

Emotional Issues

Posted by simbalion, 13 January 2016 · 552 views

Well, it seems I am having some emotional issues right now. I just realized I was misreading posts on a topic I started and was getting into a odd, sarcastic mood. Part of my issue is that my sleep is messed up again and I am not getting the rest I need before work each day. You can also say I am frustrated and tired of the town I live in. I love old buil...

My Opinion On Ebay and Auctions in General

Posted by simbalion, 31 December 2015 · 705 views
ebay, auctions
I've been tinkering around for the first time on eBay for years, mostly to get a handle on what stuff is going for nowdays and am surprised at some of the price spikes certain items are seeing. Of course, I am always wondering if shill bidding might be involved and how much of this stuff is going overseas to foriegn bidders with deep pockets. As such, I a...

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