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My vintage gaming wish list.

Posted by simbalion, 05 May 2017 · 377 views

Figured I'd blog this. This is a little vintage gaming/computer wish list off the top of my head this evening of some stuff I'd still like to find.
First off, a IBM 5150 or 5160 computer. The 5160 or XT version is probably the best and there have to be some left out there! Also programs for said computer (hopefully ones that work with my Tandy 1000SX as well).
Apple II programs, parts, and an actual Apple II and a IIc plus.
A Coleco Gemini. I have a couple controllers for one of these and almost had one in 2010. Sadly, it ended up in the burnt rubble of the old Garver Flea market after the idiot arsonist torched it! The dealer was supposed to be in that upcoming Sunday.
A TRS 80 model II and software for it.
Edit: A Tandy Color Computer 3 and of course the disk drive and software for it. (Actually, I think I have some software stored away for one..)
Finally, a good place to sell off some of my antique console radios so I can make space to enjoy things again! Note: I want to find good homes for those if possible.
And I think that is it. Oddly, I'm not really looking for much anymore, but my area of Ohio is becoming such a wasteland for this stuff anymore that the hunt has gone from fun to frustrating. It's all Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo anymore. Or PS3's.

While part of me would love to have the physical hardware, the rational part of me points out I have a CoCo sitting in a box in the basement which my parents went to great lengths to get for me.


Emulators, while not perfect, are typically much more reliable than real hardware.  (One of these days I'll buy an N64 which actually works to play my collection.)


Plus, no matter how much I want to play old games I don't seem to have enough free time.

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