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10 - Kasumi Ninja

Posted by Shinto, 27 February 2016 · 1,171 views

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Strap on your headband and show no mercy in this notorious over-the-top tournament fighting game.  This episode contains development history, information on all the fighters, the missing labyrinth, the announcer voice, cheat codes, and maybe even a musical number.
# General Links
Podcast Episode Guide
Michael Current's Awesome Atari History Timelines
# Game Links
Game on AtariAge
Game on MobyGames
# Developer, Distributor, and Development
Hand Made Software
Atari Explorer Online 23 November 1993 (.zip file), info from co-producer Ted Tahquechi
Peter Wiseman
Pater Wiseman's Solitire City
Digital Smoke, LLC
Jim Gregory
Rob Nicholson
Atari Explorer Online, 23 November 1993 (.zip file, Rob Nicholson and Ted Tahquechi talk Kasumi Ninja)
Atari Explorer Online, 22 February 1994 (.zip file, Don Thomas on the line of tastelessness)
Jaguar Explorer Online, December 18, 1998 (.zip file, shareholder response to violence)
Kasumi Ninja 2
# Gameplay & Graphics Notes
Defunct Games summary of reviews for SNES Mortal Kombat and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mortal Kombat
Beta version footage
Ending 1
Ending 2
# TV/Movie/Music/Game/Book References
Mortal Kombat Arcade
"Welcome to the Himalayas!"
Lost: the island
Neutral Planet from Futurama
"It is unavoidable. It is your destiny."
Oceanic flight 815
Doug Llewelyn: Don't take the law into your own hands
Life, The Universe, and Everything
Lynn Lowton, AKA Thundra, AKA Lynx
Gene Sovo
# Podcast References
The Amazons of Dahomey (from Stuff You Missed in History Class)
The Retro League episode 325
# Advertisements
Two-page ad
Attached Image
One-page ad
Kasumi Ninja commercial
LifeCall commercial
# Reviews
Gamepro, February 1995
Attached Image
Jeff's Jaguar Jungle
Atari Explorer Online, 16 January 1995 (.zip file)
# Walkthrough & Cheats
Moves & Cheats by BHodges
Jaguar Explorer Online, 20 July 1998 (.zip file), tracking down codes
# Vendors mentioned on the show
GOAT Store
B&C ComputerVisions
Bravo Sierra Computers
Ted Tahquechi's web site
# Stuff I forgot to mention

  • Angus has 91 frames of animation, according to this project
  • If a round ends in a tie, player 2 gets the win
# The song at the end


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