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11 - Bubsy in: Fractured Furry Tales

Posted by Shinto, 03 June 2016 · 1,017 views

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# General Links
Podcast Episode Guide
Michael Current's Awesome Atari History Timelines
# Game Links
Game on AtariAge
Game on MobyGames
# Developer, Distributor, and Development
Accolade on MobyGames
Alan Miller interview
Bob Whitehead interview
Bubsy's SNES/Genesis porting history
Michael Berlyn interview (Gamasutra)
Michael Berlyn interview (DoctorClu and SpongeFox)
Contemporary Bubsy reviews
Contemporary Bubsy 2 reviews
Berlyn on Bubsy 2
Rob Paulsen, the cartoon voice of Bubsy
Atari/Accolade Press Release (included in .zip file)
Faran Thomason's shouting match
Faran Thomason Interview with ALIVE
Wes Craven presents Mind Ripper
Faran Thomason interview with DoctorClu and SpongeFox
1994 Summer CES footage (Biff's Gaming Videos, Bubsy can be found between 57:15 and 57:39)
Nerf gun (USENET posts circa 2000)
# Gameplay & Graphics Notes
"Mad as a Hatter"
"Mad as a March Hare"
"Mad as a Pon Farr Vulcan"
Cats' nine lives
Trevor Raynsford interview (Jaguar music engine)
Bubsy MOD files from Fading Twilight
Brian Silva interview by Segabits
# TV/Movie/Music/Game/Book References
Bubsy cartoon (pilot)
Review of Bubsy cartoon pilot
"Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice..."
The always-cool Lance Henriksen
"They've only got one good jump in them to begin with"
A flood of anachronistic pop culture references
Bubble Trouble (Atari 8-bit)
Bubble Trouble (Lynx)
"Yeah Hansel, yeah Gretel, we're evil..."
Is that a stiletto blade or taser in the cane?
"There is nothing more toxic or deadly ... a single touch could kill you!"
# Advertisements
Promo Insert in Electronic Gaming Monthly
# Walkthrough & Cheats
Chapter Codes
# Vendors mentioned on the show
Unreleased Accolade games available at B&C ComputerVisions
Best Electronics
GOAT Store
B&C ComputerVisions
Bubsy Two-Fur on Steam
# High scores
AtariAge High Score Club
# Listener Feedback
Bubsy opinions thread on AtariAge
Dig Dug on the Atari 7800 Game by Game Podcast
Inverse ATASCII podcast
"What's happened?! What's happened?! Has the world blown up?"
# Storytime
Jay Chattaway
"Nothing Can Stop Me Now" (from track 1 on Nine Inch Nails' Further Down the Spiral)
Next episode: Iron Soldier!
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