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14 - DOOM

Posted by Shinto, 18 September 2016 · 1,306 views

Download or listen to the podcast episode at http://atarijaguarga...syn.com/14-doom
Take on the evil denizens of the underworld in this notable port of the seminal first-person shooter! In this episode, I continue the history of id Software through the release of DOOM (and a little beyond), go over the development of the Jaguar version, cover the competing ports of the game, test out the networking, and play a lot of the Jaguar version's music. Yes, music!
This is easily the biggest episode of the podcast so far, but that's OK, because after all, we're talking about DOOM here.
There are personal stories galore, plus feedback from DoctorClu, Lost Dragon, Louis, Arethius, and BTB!
Show Notes
General Links
Podcast Episode Guide
Michael Current's Awesome Atari History Timelines
The Retro League
Game Links
Game on AtariAge
Game on MobyGames
Developer, Distributor, and Development
Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture
The DOOM Bible
Smashing Pumpkins into Small Piles of Putrid Debris (the game)
Amazin' SPISPOPD (a modern game with a similar name)
Atari Explorer Online for 18 December 1993 (.zip file, Bill Rehbock visits id Software)
Atari Explorer Online for 7 November 1993 (.zip file, Jay Wilbur teases Jaguar DOOM)
Atari Explorer Online for 23 November 1993 (.zip id Software signs on)
id Software Interview with EDGE
John Carmack on Jaguar Limitations Detailed information on the Jaguar version
Atari Explorer Online for 4 December 1994 (.zip file, Bill Rehbock on lack of in-game music)
Dave Taylor interview (worked on Jaguar music engine)
Trevor Raynsford interview (more about DSP limitations)
Jaguar 'Full Action Sprites' demo
EGM2 Preview of DOOM from the Summer CES (July, 1994 issue)
Attached Image
GamePro Preview of DOOM from the Summer CES (September, 1994 issue)
Attached Image
Atari Explorer Online for 2 April 1994 (.zip file, Bob Brodie on JagDOOM Network)
Jaguar FAQ (mentions network errors, with possible causes and work-arounds)
classicdoom.com FAQ entry regarding JagLink
Armadillo Aerospace
Gameplay & Graphics Notes
Plasma gun source image: original weapon, and forward section removed
Costs of a 486 PC in October, 1994
Attached Image
Electronic Gaming Monthly
Attached Image
Jeff's Jaguar Jungle
Atari Explorer Online for 18 December 1994 (.zip file, Jaguar DOOM review)
EGM Bias (Jaguar vs. 32X DOOM reviews)
Comprehensive DOOM comparison between platforms
32X DOOM Manual
The Retro Hour #26 with Rebecca Heineman
Rebecca Heineman on 3DO DOOM
Super Nintendo version overview
DOOM Source Ports
JagDOOM Source Code
Doom Level Hacking by neo_rg
Unused Jaguar DOOM assets
3DO DOOM Source Code
Doomsday (source port)
Chocolate DOOM (source port)
Raspberry Pi 3
C.H.I.P. $9 computer
Magazine ad
Attached Image
TV commercial
TV/Movie/Game/Music/Book References
Radar: "H-E-double-toothpicks"
Beverly Hillbillies theme song
"In Here? Doom." (from The Color of Money)
"So it's come down to this, has it? A fight to the death, mano-a-mano, man to man, just you and me..."
"Not entirely stable, I'm glad he's here to tell us these things..."
Fing-longer, What-If Machine
"It's all about the Pentiums, baby"
Night Court (where one of the main characters had an obsession with Mel Tormé)
Podcast (and YouTube show) references
ANTIC Podcast interviews Bob Brodie (touches on friction with EGM)
1632 Atari PodcaST
DOOM on The Jag Bar: Part 1 and Part 2
Personal Stories
My shareware floppy disks
Attached Image
Networked Jaguar DOOM photo-op
Attached Image
Tandy 1000 computer
Aliens-X mod (superficially, it seems close to the Alien Doom mod I had)
Aliens Total Conversion (didn't play this one)
10Base2 networking
Duke Nukem 3D
Quake 2
One of my custom Horsemen textures in Quake 2 (red - war)
Attached Image
Keytronic Lifetime Keyboard

  • The final QuakeFest was in 2001, not 2011
Next up: Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story!

A most entertaining podcast (along with the related Wolf3d podcast).  I like how you go beyond a simple review of the game and delve into the development history and relationships & comparisons with other ports.  (It was also interesting to learn how many console ports were actually ports of previous console ports.  I wouldn't have thought there was enough similarity between the various consoles to make that strategy better than going back to the original source.)


Personally I only played DOOM (and Wolf3d) on the PC, although I had (at least for DOOM) a Gravis Ultrasound for superior music and sound effects.  (IMHO the main failing of the GUS was it didn't provide a hardware compatible Sound Blaster DAC port when so many games were using it.)  DOOM was my last FPS until GoldenEye 64 as my PC couldn't keep up and I got off the upgrade treadmill.

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Ah, as per "Rebecca Heineman on 3DO DOOM", s/he got the Jag port source from iD (along with the DOS source) and used it because it had already been stripped down to fit in the Jag's 1MB of RAM - making the port easier.  That makes more sense.  The reuse isn't due to the code but the assets.

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