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5 Criteria For Great Games/Systems

Posted by boski, 18 July 2017 · 138 views

For a while now, I’ve been trying to figure out what are the determining factors of a great game, and by extension a great game system. It doesn’t take much self-reflection to realize my favorite systems are the VCS, NES, and Wii. Many of their games satisfy one of the following criteria. Numbers 1-4 are pretty essential for me, but when a gam...

Roundabout Racer - Using Atari to Report the News

Posted by boski, in Journalism 29 April 2017 · 477 views
Journalism, Roundabout Racer and 1 more...
Roundabout Racer - Using Atari to Report the News Using a video game to communicate a news story is not a new idea, but is still considered very innovative. Generally, the news consumer gains a better understanding of an issue through the interactive experience. In covering the transportation debate in Wisconsin, I tried something entirely different. I programmed a game called Roundabout Racer (developme...

The Dawn of Video Game Journalism

Posted by boski, in Journalism 20 April 2017 · 357 views
Journalism, Video Game Journalism and 1 more...
As I said before, I'm a professional journalist. And so when I stumbled across 8bitrocket.com yesterday, this article really grabbed my attention: "Pac-Man, Electronic Games Magazine, and the exact moment Atari lost the video game war," http://www.8bitrocke...the-video-ga...

Hello World

Posted by boski, 14 April 2017 · 289 views

I'm an investigative video reporter, and so my whole life revolves around visual communication. That means tons of video reports, social media videos, animations, charts, graphics, and even occasional interactives. It takes a lot of creativity and attention to detail. I find programming for the Atari is a great mental and creative exercise that helps rech...

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