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Install - UAV & AC in the 400

Posted by Bryan, 25 September 2017 · 379 views

revised Jan 2, 2018
Recommended board: Plug-In
The 400 has socketed chips including the 4050. The easiest installation is to put the UAV in the 4050 socket, but if you want to keep the RF output, you'll need to solder the socket on top of the 4050 and then mount the UAV on top of it. These instructions should work for NTSC and PAL systems.
Position the main PCB with the CPU board slot toward the back.
1. Connect a wire to the left side of C187. This is Color-In.
2. recommended: Solder the 16-pin socket on top of the 4050 (best done with the 4050 removed).
2. Make sure the UAV jumpers are set for the 400 and install it in the socket. The green terminal should be facing away from you.
3. Put the Color-In wire in the right-most terminal (terminal 1 when facing the terminal openings).
4. Attach your video cables to the UAV. The remaining terminals (R to L) are Ground, Chroma, Luma, Composite, and a 2nd Ground.
Installing an Audio Companion board:
1. Locate C182. The AC board will go on the back side of the leads.
2. Line up the corresponding pads on the AC board and solder it to C182's leads so that it stands upright (the power pads are available on both sides of the board and are marked + and G).
3. Attach a wire for Pokey audio to the front end of R160.
4. Attach the other end to the first input pad ('iA' directly above the + power pad).
5. Attach a wire for SIO audio to the right side of R170.
6. Attach the other end to the last input pad ('iD', the 4th pad from the left).
7. Attach your audio out wire to the output pad (directly above the G power pad).
8. Attach audio ground to the ground pad on the back side of the UAV.
Carefully check your work against the pictures before powering the system. Route cables carefully out of the shielding during reassembly.

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Stupid question, sorry - but for the audio output can I just use a RCA connection?

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Sure. An RCA connection is very common for audio. Or, are you asking if the AC board is necessary? It isn't, technically, but it greatly simplifies creating an output that mixes Pokey and SIO audio together (like tape loaders with music).

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