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Concept Art?!

Posted by Lefty1430 , 07 July 2018 · 583 views

bubsy bobcat Accolade Ken Macklin concept art

I was browsing on google a few weeks back, and I managed to snag a few gems. I'm not sure who uploaded the images, but I do know that Ken Macklin was the one who came up with these sketches. I'm sure that the BB fan blog will love these. :D


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I believe that this was one of the first sketches that Ken Macklin drew up. Bubsy seemed to be considered to be a dog at one point.


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This one is a little more well known, actually being published in a GamePro Magazine. It's a bit more simplistic, wearing hover shoes.


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Now this one is the most unique out of the three. He was also considered to be a girl at one point, according to this sketch. Fun Fact: This drawing actually inspired the character Oblivia, according to a source I've read. I'll post the link later...


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Now this last picture isn't a sketch, but a Bubsy 2 ad, according to the url. I'm not certain where or when this was uploaded, but the colors are pretty to look at...


Keep in mind that I am not profiting nor claiming these images as my own. All material shown here belongs to their respectful owner(s). :)

Those are really cool.  Love the Oblivia inspiration and can certainly see the resemblance.


As for the dog, I believe I remember Mike Berlyn saying that a dog was the original idea but on further thought believed to conflict (copyright wise?) to a dog character in a previous game he had released?


The last one is a classic.  Always liked that one.

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So is this Ken Macklin's blog?


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Could be, could be not. I'm not sure.
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