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April 2016 - Submit your Questions for Michael Berlyn and Faran Thomason.

Posted by doctorclu, 19 April 2016 · 86 views
Michael Berlyn, Faran Thomason and 2 more...
Working on content for the Bubsy episode of the Jaguar Game by Game podcast by Shinto.  Got exciting news :  We have an interview with Michael Berlyn, the creator of Bubsy, and Faran Thomason, the producer of Bubsy FFT for the Atari Jaguar!!
We want to ask them some really gripping questions that will blow the listener's hair back !!...

March 2016 - Rob Paulsen's B-Day and Questions for Bubsy Podcast!

Posted by doctorclu, 25 March 2016 · 145 views
Rob Paulsen, Podcast and 3 more...
March 2016 - Rob Paulsen's B-Day and Questions for Bubsy Podcast! Thanks to Sponge Fox we have this great happy birthday greeting for Rob Paulsen... only 15 days late!   :P
(Ooops!  Sorry Rob)

It is funny how I believe it was around his birthday I popped in my copy of Animaniacs one night.  Love that show but I hadn't watched that in ages.   Oh wow that show is timeless.  ...

Cruiz'in YouTube-February 2016 - Bubsy in Brawl !

Posted by doctorclu, 21 February 2016 · 202 views

Well Hi everyone!   Hope you had a great valentine's day

And if not, stay strong...

Thanks for that SpongeFox!   We got some great news and some good laughs in this February edition of the Bubsy blog.
I liked this video released a month ago.   Bubsy HD ,  not much to speak of, but good to see...

Cruiz'in SoundCloud-January 2016 - HAPPY NEW YEAR

Posted by doctorclu, 02 January 2016 · 361 views

Cruiz'in SoundCloud-January 2016 - HAPPY NEW YEAR Hello Bubsy fans!   We are through a busy holiday season spent with friends and family, and now I turn to give some love to our favorite Bobcat!  
I will confess, I was spending a lot of the last month playing and giving input on the recently released Star Raiders 2 for the Atari 8-bit computers .  Star Raiders is a love of mine fr...

Cruiz'in Retroism-Bubsy's Back! November 2015 - Special News!

Posted by doctorclu, 16 November 2015 · 293 views

Today when I got home I get this message in my Atariage mailbox...

So here is what the link says:
LOS ANGELES, CA (November 15, 2015)  —  Retroism , a publisher and distributor of classic and classically inspired games owned by Tommo, Inc., announces the revival of Bubsy…yes, that Bubsy!

Cruiz'in Bubsy in Tumblr-November 2015

Posted by doctorclu, 01 November 2015 · 328 views

Cruiz'in Bubsy in Tumblr-November 2015 While searching for new Bubsy material, which has been easier than you might imagine, this time I tried the yahoo image search and found it had one feature I liked over the Google image search engine: The ability to keep looking for images.   Not just one continue at the end of the page but multiple continues.
And then I found a treasure...

Cruiz'in Google-October 2015 Images

Posted by doctorclu, 01 October 2015 · 274 views

Cruiz'in Google-October 2015 Images And now the special Halloween edition here on the Bubsy blog!

Very nice!   Always love seeing Bubsy mixed with contemporary material.

Looks like this might actually come in a shirt?

Found this art style very fascinating.
October 5, 2015...

(September 2015) Mike Berlyn, creator of Infocom & Bubsy games - UPDATE!

Posted by doctorclu, 14 September 2015 · 565 views
Mike Berlyn, Cancer, Bubsy and 2 more...
(September 2015) Mike Berlyn, creator of Infocom & Bubsy games - UPDATE! From Albert (who runs Atariage.com)
I received a note from Mike today,
"As of 9/11/2015, I am cancer free after 7 months of chemo and radiation therapy. Please post this information, and thank you for your kind words and well wishes.
Mike Berlyn "
This is too awesome....

Cruiz'in "May Bubsy Trivia Month" in Twitter-September 2015

Posted by doctorclu, 10 September 2015 · 402 views

Cruiz'in "May Bubsy Trivia Month" in Twitter-September 2015 During the month of May Noxid tweeted a new Bubsy fact every day.  I really got a kick out of some that Noxid and Pingurules came up with.  I asked Noxid if we could feature those daily facts here and he wrote back:
"Hey Doc!
No problem, I've got all the original images...
Feel free to share! I take responsibility for any inacc...

Cruiz'in "The New Adventures of BUBSY"-September 2015

Posted by doctorclu, 05 September 2015 · 1,387 views

There is a new Bubsy in town, or so one site would have us believe.  I call it "The NEW ADVENTURES OF BETSY", since the site we are talking about has Bubsy in a transgender angle.   I say the site is not actually about Bubsy himself, but we'll get to that in a bit.  In the meantime, here is the title image of our feature site!