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Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog

Cruiz'in Ebay -March 2014

Posted by doctorclu, 22 March 2014 · 145 views

Twenty-One years ago Electronic Games magazine for March 1993 had Bubsy on the cover.   Of course they did, Bubsy was the new cat in town.  :)
I didn't win the auction for this magazine as the time ran out, but we did score a awesome picture of the awesome bobcat.
A lot more to come.   Just waiting till April so I d...

Cruiz'in Youtube -March 2014

Posted by doctorclu, 18 March 2014 · 678 views

Hey Bubsy fans, I was showing off my Youtube channel to family and we watched a few of my Bubsy: Fractured Furry Tales videos from 2008 and I was like "Mannn... I have gotten much better since that time."  So I played a new speedrun video.  The ironic thing was when I did my first speed run video years ago I was able to get the total time in und...

Cruiz'in Ebay -January 2014

Posted by doctorclu, 21 January 2014 · 656 views
Cruiz'in Ebay -January 2014 Happy New Year you bunch of yarn ball chasers!!   (Or balls, cards, or atoms depending on which Bubsy game you like to play most.)
Really not much going on with Bubsy at the moment, so I searched through Ebay, games, games, games, posters, the Bubsy promo pin I have watched go from $40-something to currently $25.  ;)   I mi...

Cruiz'in YouTube November 2013 - "Bubsy 3D is Art"

Posted by doctorclu, 17 November 2013 · 1,004 views

Cruiz'in YouTube November 2013 - "Bubsy 3D is Art" I was watching Youtube this morning and found an interesting review. What caught my eye was the animation of Bubsy where the reviewer was talking to Bubsy at the beginning of the review and they would have Bubsy shake his head yes or no to responses and have the eyes looking around. I thought that alone was interesting. But when they broke into the game i...


Posted by doctorclu, 08 May 2013 · 835 views
Happy Birthday bubsy Bobcat
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBSY BOBCAT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBSY!!Raise a glass for the Bubster.   Next year he will be old enough to raise his own glass or pint.  :)  


Posted by doctorclu, 03 April 2013 · 919 views
Bubsy Bobcat Portable Hole
THE "INS" AND "OUTS" OF USING A PORTABLE HOLE About a week ago I showed the first picture of the Portable Hole that was a promotional frisbee toy at the release of Bubsy II.   It arrived and I carried it in my bag to work just in case I needed it to jump out of a jam.   Luckily the portable hole was not needed.   But who am I to hog such a magnificent piece of swag?   Here it is... The Hole comes in...

Cruiz'in Ebay April 2013 - While you were asleep...

Posted by doctorclu, 03 April 2013 · 687 views
Bubsy Mug
Cruiz'in Ebay April 2013 - While you were asleep... So having recently found the Bubsy "Portable Hole" (information coming soon on that) it made me wonder, what else is out there?   And this got me to thinking what have I missed lately on Ebay?So I searched the completed auctions on Ebay, and I have to admit, this mug was pretty cool:      Now that is not the best part.  Check this out... The lucky...

Cruiz'in Ebay March 2013

Posted by doctorclu, 26 March 2013 · 1,105 views
portable Hole
Cruiz'in Ebay March 2013 Did you know there was a portable hole toy for Bubsy?   Neither did I.  But then again, the closest thing I have been able to find for a list of Bubsy merchandise is... well... here.  :)Yes, it would seem that the Bubsy shirt was released for the first Bubsy game, and for the second game they made one of his gimmicks, the Portable Hole.   Looks neat.  Whe...

Cruiz'in VGMM January 2013

Posted by doctorclu, 07 January 2013 · 1,110 views
Plushies standees Bubsy
Cruiz'in VGMM January 2013 HAPPY 2013!!    This year Bubsy (in May) will be one year away from the legal drinking age.You know I am amazed on what will be the 20th anniversary of Bubsy that there is still material to talk about, but amazingly there is.   Developers have come forward, artists, and fans.   To matter the fact I am always getting beaten out of bids on ebay for...

Cruiz'in Atariage December 2012

Posted by doctorclu, 26 December 2012 · 754 views

Just wanted to wish everyone that reads the Bubsy Fan Blog a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.   It is nearly 2013 and we have not forgotten the Bubster.  ;)Robert R gave us his addition by showing a massive enemy combo at the beginning of FFT.   Well done Robert for showing us how that's done.  :)http://www.youtube.c...yer_embedded...

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