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(August 2015) Mike Berlyn, creator of Infocom & Bubsy games , with Cancer

Posted by doctorclu, 18 August 2015 · 417 views
Mike Berlyn
(August 2015) Mike Berlyn, creator of Infocom & Bubsy games , with Cancer Tonight I was talking to another Bubsy fan and as we were talking he said "By the way, I know it's old news, but did you hear that Bubsy's creator, Mike Berlyn is currently battling cancer? Really horrible to hear. Mike created many fine games in his day. I've been meaning to read his books, too."
Actually I did not know that.  I have searched...

Cruiz'in YouTube-August 2015 (New Release "Bubsy Grand Finale"?!?)

Posted by doctorclu, 06 August 2015 · 176 views

Evening Bubsy fans!
So this is where I stop into YouTube to see what new stuff is going on with Bubsy this month.  Years from now it will be probably videos that used to be there.   First off wasn't the New Horizons past Pluto a blast last month?   Loved it.
Ok, so what kinda of activities are we seeing with Bubsy th...

Cruiz'in the "planet" Pluto-July 2015

Posted by doctorclu, 01 July 2015 · 224 views
New Horizon, Pluto, Bubsy
Cruiz'in the "planet" Pluto-July 2015 Ok, when I am not searching for new life in Bubsy, I am actually enjoying mankind's search for life elsewhere.
Taking a paws (see what I did there) from Bubsy, I have loved following the space program.  The Space Shuttle program was a great part of my child hood, Skylab, etc.  But nothing was more fun than "Neptune all Night" and the Voya...

Cruiz'in Bubsy in Comics-June 2015

Posted by doctorclu, 18 June 2015 · 247 views

So a month a so back Sponge Fox (Deviant Art name, BubRayBobCatt here on Atariage) asked me when I would feature a Deviant Art and comics entry.  Well, here is a compilation of ones I've found over the past two or so months.  But to kick this off how about one from Sponge Fox herself?
I also want to mention that in the last month Noxid th...

Cruiz'in Fan Theory-June 2015

Posted by doctorclu, 10 June 2015 · 111 views

There are so many amazing things in my Bubsy search tonight.  Sometimes I search and it is the same ole same ole and sometimes I search and I find things like this, out for a year and I did not see before.  Crazy.
But I love this fan theory of how Bubsy pulled a Turbo in Wreck-It-Ralph and actually TOOK OVER Sonic.  :D
Check t...

Cruiz'in YouTube-May 2015 *BONUS* Bubsy in Sonic 2

Posted by doctorclu, 30 May 2015 · 379 views

Cruiz'in YouTube-May 2015 *BONUS*  Bubsy in Sonic 2 This was such cool news I had to post it now.   Bubsy has been hacked into Sonic 2.  :D
This is too funny.  Check it out on this You Tube video:

And more discussion of it here:
Looks like they exaggerate the falling damage and j...

Cruiz'in Bubsy... oops... missed his birthday!-May 2015

Posted by doctorclu, 10 May 2015 · 421 views
Happy Birthday Bubsy Bobcat
Cruiz'in Bubsy... oops... missed his birthday!-May 2015 So I was cruising along, getting material for this blog, (and I will admit, gearing up for the new Space Patrol blog) when I realized... oops, Bubsy's birthday was on May 4th!  
HAPPY 22nd Birthday to our favorite Bobcat game mascot!
In the future when people are going around saying "May the 4th be with you" for all those Sta...

Cruiz'in YouTube-April 2015 *BONUS*

Posted by doctorclu, 28 April 2015 · 126 views

Ok one Youtube link published in April of the history of Bubsy in seven minutes this is a really good article made in the perspective of those that actually like Bubsy, which makes this unique.   And towards the end of the video you see why the perspective was so different than most reviews out there.

Cruiz'in YouTube-April 2015 - the *100th ENTRY*

Posted by doctorclu, 17 April 2015 · 534 views
BUBSY, PUPPET, AVGN, BUBSY 3D and 2 more...
Cruiz'in YouTube-April 2015 - the *100th ENTRY* WELCOME TO THE *100th* ENTRY OF THE BUBSY FAN BLOG!!!
So what I like to do is Cruise Google and YouTube every so often to see if new things are being done with or to the Bubster.   And I found some things.  First off thanks to faithful fan SpongeFox for the entry image!   She has a lot of great art so check it out and like...

Cruiz'in YouTube-March 2015- Press Start interviews Bubsy

Posted by doctorclu, 24 March 2015 · 235 views

Cruiz'in YouTube-March 2015- Press Start interviews Bubsy I was cruiz'in Youtube today and found an interview with Bubsy Bobcat which was actually informative and funny.   Enjoy!!