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For people with S-Video modded 7800s and HDMI-Only TVs...

HDMI S-Video 7800

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#1 PacManPlus OFFLINE  


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Posted Fri Aug 3, 2012 7:13 PM

Hi Guys:

Just wanted to share this with you.

This was something I should not have bought now, money being what it is, but I had no way to display my S-Video modded 7800 on my TV (it doesn't have an S-video input, and composite looked HORRIBLE).

This was only $50, and the picture looks AMAZING: http://www.amazon.co...UQ&linkCode=as2
I was a little skeptical at first, but now that I got it and tried it, I'm glad I did. This obviously could go for any S-Video console (or composite - but I haven't tried that connection yet).

The colors are a little saturated, and the screen stretches horizontally a little, but the picture is much better than I imagined.
I'll try to take some pics over the weekend.


#2 bennybingo OFFLINE  



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Posted Fri Aug 3, 2012 7:24 PM

Good to know! I have been considering the possibility of upgrading to an HDTV very soon. That would be very helpful!

#3 Trebor OFFLINE  


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Posted Fri Aug 3, 2012 7:37 PM

Agreed...Purchased mine and cheaper here several months ago: http://www.monoprice...&seq=1&format=2

Ideal if you have no S-Video or Composite inputs. However, some/many TV's if the inputs do exist may upconvert better than the box. Again, best if no inputs exist. It is a very reasonable price conversion box that does a good job.

#4 evg2000 OFFLINE  



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Posted Fri Aug 3, 2012 7:41 PM

checked ebay, and they have similar items for around $36 shipped, don't know if the are any good.

#5 Rex Dart OFFLINE  

Rex Dart


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Posted Fri Aug 3, 2012 9:24 PM

Thanks for the review! My 40" doesn't have s-video; only composite and HDMI, so that would be a help.

#6 shaky OFFLINE  


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Posted Sat Aug 4, 2012 7:57 AM

You can also use a DVD recorder with a HDMI out to do the samething, if you already have one laying around. I may get one of these for my other TV sometime soon.

#7 mmervine OFFLINE  



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Posted Sat Aug 4, 2012 8:12 AM

Bob-looking forward to seeing the results! I am lucky to still have a non-HD LCD TV, but it would be nice to play on a larger screen!

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