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light sixer bad picture&sound is it broken?

2600 light sixer broken colors picture rf repair

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Posted Sun May 10, 2015 1:22 PM

Hi @ all,


i'm new to atari 28 years old and my first console was a SEGA Master System 2. Atari 2600 was a few years before my time;) but i wanted to give it a try and have some retro fun. So i bought a big package containing a woodgrain light sixer, a Junior, 8 controllers and 35 games. So far so good... I connected the antenna cable of the Junior to my television (modern LG Flatscreen) and it worked perfectly. Colors and sound were all right.


But the light sixer seems to have some problems. As far as i know they both use RF and both should output the same picture to my tv. But the light sixer just gives a bad picture with totally wrong colors (always the same way wrong.... see Pictures) or just Grey (and even that very poor). I tríed it on different channels (switch A-B on the console and different settings on the tv) and i even tried it on an old TV (also see pictures)


Had anyone this problems too? Is something broken? What could it be? Can it be repaierd?


I planned to do a AV Mod. I already ordered this kit (still waiting for it)



Could this mod help with the picture even if it's that bad rigjt now? I'm unsure what to do because the light sixer should already output the same Picture as the Junior... and if i do this mod and it's still the same the broken light sixer is even less worth and i put the work into it for nothing :( Any idears?



i only got one PSU with both consoles... no idear if it could make a difference... it's one like this





as far as i know my light sixer should be PAL. At least the seller told me that. Sadly there's no sicker on the back... how can i find out if the light sixer is PAL or NTSC? Any internal part that Shows this clear? If the console is NTSC i contact the seller and want my Money back.

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Posted Mon May 11, 2015 12:51 AM

Try to find someone in chat named Osgeld or R. Bear. They're the more knowledgeable Atari 2600 people. Sorry I couldn't be more help earlier.  

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Posted Mon May 11, 2015 7:10 AM

Probably i'll just do that AV mod and hope that it will fix the problem. Maybe the RF Box is broken!? If anyone knows how to recognize PAL/NTSC on the pcb i'll be happy for every info:)

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Posted Mon May 11, 2015 3:59 PM

Here's the opened light sixer. I've already fixed the select Switch... had broken solderings... but Picture is still bad and i'm still waiting for the AV Mod Kit. Can someone tell me if that RF Module is NTSC or PAL? That pice of paper ... is it the Serial number? (no sticker on the console...)


EDIT: just uploaded a picutre of the TV Cable that was connected to the RF Box... this should be PAL right?

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  • RF_to_TV_Cable.jpg

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