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Bosconian for the 8-bits

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#551 Sheddy OFFLINE  



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Posted Sun Apr 29, 2018 2:21 AM

Removing petty technical argument post regarding awesomeness of 2600 Draconian and co-processor.
It's still awesome to see on a 2600 and great work!

#552 shanti77 OFFLINE  


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Posted Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:48 PM

Thanks.  This is the PAL version, do you have the NTSC?  This has BLAST OFF speech where other's don't.


I used the power reserve in PAL Atari, so I regained some extra RAM (~11000 cycles). In NTSC version I can't do it  :(  (the expansion of memory remains).


I think also about add "hard mode" , start from 11-12 Round and ~120% points, (first levels are too easy  :) ), but I must first  finish my new projects.



It's nice that you like the Bosconian, it encourages me to continue programming at Atari.

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Posted Sun Apr 29, 2018 1:33 PM

shanti77, Bosconian A8 is incredible: as others have said this is a great port and very true to the arcade!  :jango:


In addition to Blaster and a few others, Bosconian is at the front of my current rotation of A8 games; can't see that changing either because replay experience is strong and gameplay is so well done and consistent (for example control of player ship and collision detection throughout the game). 


I love shooters/shmups, and I always enjoyed this game in the arcade.  It is wonderful to be able to play this on an A8.

All the fine attention to details -- graphics, sound effects, enemy AI behavior, etc -- present in this version really demonstrate a love for Bosconian and the A8: the best elements of both Bosconian arcade and what the A8 is capable of come through and shine in this version.  :cool:


Thank you very much to all involved in making and sharing this game with the A8 community.

Thank you for your hard work, dedication and commitment and generosity.  :)


Thank you for making and sharing Bosconian 8 bit!  :thumbsup:



incorrect spell correction of hard work fixed from hand work back to hard work

you'd think spell checkers would be better/more intuitive and accurate in 2018....

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Posted Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:48 PM

Great conversion! Maybe you can publish an specific cartridge version to take advantage of the bankswitching schemes. For example: PAL/NTSC versions and complete with samples.


Just an idea.

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Posted Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:40 AM

Shanti77: You know we love Bosconian, its grown in front of our screens and gave us a new arcade port of epic proportions and and for me, I've 2 new great shooters to enjoy between your game and Jon Williams Baby Berks so cute game. So I'd encourage you to keep on with the new stuff and if you fancy returning to update Bosconian then by all means do but use the creative spark that's there for the new stuff and feel free to amaze us again...


Btw, I'm happy to donate if you do make a new game or even just sell the game as a digital download, good stuff is great to have and any dev should stick a donate button on his or her site, that way its a no pressure thing but if you need something for the machine then maybe the public can help a little. Many devs are not really in to being paid and I can see why but a donate button leaves it as TOTALLY optional. I just love the stuff that comes out and so many do it all for free so maybe if I can and others can give the little we may be able to afford if we like what we see/ hear / use then its a win win all around..


Just an old idea being rebumped out of hope it happens.......


Digital scope for Avery if I win the lottery :)

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