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Simple IRC Chat

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#1 David Baldwin OFFLINE  

David Baldwin

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Posted Fri Oct 21, 2016 11:45 PM

Hi did you know you can dial into irc.atarinet.com chat room without having to use tcp/ip terminal programs stuff

I found out all I did was use the Telnet BBS Server on my old Windows PC and Null Modem to the Atari.

And on my Atari 520STe all I use is Standard VT100 terminals like Storm or Flash and you can just login

like atdt irc.atarinet.com:800 and I log strait in like a BBS login.

I think if you have Atari XE or 800 you can IRC chat with ICE-T in VT100 mode any vt100 terminals

on 8bit Computers.

#2 Bikerbob OFFLINE  



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Posted Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:07 PM

Letting everyone here on AA know that a new channel has been setup on DALnet  #atariusers


For Atari ST and STE users - from the Facebook group of the same name.


Point is for just that computer chat.. one more channel to hang out on. This one more focused on real user issues, how to hook up, what to run.. why does this not run etc.


Not for Development, coding, etc.. and thats more so the mondain conversation does not bore those that got it all going ;)



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