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Colecovision RGB mods?

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Posted Fri Mar 3, 2017 5:10 PM

I apologize if this is a redundant thread, but I was having trouble finding information on this. While I think the f18a mod is cool I mostly use an XRGB framemeister for upscaling older systems and currently don't have any displays that accept VGA input (it's sadly getting phased out of modern televisions). I know there are now 2600 and NES RGB mods but I wasn't sure if there was a Colecovision one in the works as well. 


  1. Does the F18A mod support RGB Scart or is it VGA only? Are there any plans to produce an RGB scart version?
  2. Is Yurkie still working on his RGB mod? I saw the youtube video which is from 2015.

I realize that translating VGA to RGB Scart isn't that difficult but the main issue is 'sync'. VGA has multiple sync lines while RGB scart has one and I imagine that could cause issues. If there is a good/reliable method to translate a VGA signal into an RGB scart one I would be interested in hearing about it. 




EDIT: Of course I find this (UMSA ultimate scart adapter) right after posting this thread. Does anyone have any experience using this in combination with the F18A mod? 

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Posted Thu Mar 9, 2017 11:16 PM

I offer an RGB mod along with other ColecoVision mods.


I have serviced hundreds of ColecoVision over the last 7 years.


Here is my main thread on AtariAge.



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Posted Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:57 PM

Do you offer the mod as a DIY kit, or is it only as a service for the time being?


EDIT: Actually disregard that, I see in that thread that it's only a service at this time. 

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