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Cables cables...

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#1 Opry99er ONLINE  



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Posted Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:12 PM

I have more power cables and wall warts and adapters than I know what to do with!!! I am sure many of you understand that pain. ;)

I have a giant desk (and it is required for all my toys) but no good way to service all my power supplies. I found this online, and it looks like it might just do the trick.



I would want to mount it to the bottom side of my 8' desk top and use wire ties and cable hiders to keep everything "up" so it is not all hanging like a tangled mess on the floor.


Any disadvantage to doing this? Any issues with that many power-sucking components plugged up to one outlet on my UPS?

Here are my components:

1) TI-99/4A
2) PEB
3) External 3.5 floppy enclosure
4) US Robotics Modem
5) cassette player
6) Monitor for TI
7) Bondi Blue iMac G3
8) PC tower
9) PC monitor
10) Powered speakers for PC
11) 2TB External HD
12) Panasonic 1091 Dot Matrix Printer
13) Canon PIXMA printer/scanner
14) Green bankers Lamp
15) TBD

Thanks in advance. :D

Some pix of my desk--- The wide angle one is out of date, as the iMac has replaced 2600/Intellivision station.



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#2 arcadeshopper OFFLINE  


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Posted Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:11 PM

thats what I have on my 4/a system, actually I have one of those switch boxes for the console/pbox/monitor/etc and then one of those plugged into an accessory port so that I'm not leaving all that stuff powered on all the time and mine's just on the floor as I'm lazy



#3 Opry99er ONLINE  



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Posted Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:11 AM


Yea, it is becoming a real spaghetti bowl down there...

Each time I reconfigure something or wire something up differently, the mess becomes more and more evident.

Part of the reason I built an 8 foot long desk was so that I could have the ability to do this sort of thing. My original plan was to build an L shaped desk to take advantage of my space down there... This would have made hiding cables a breeze because I could have enclosed the corner section underneath the desktop. I ended up not doing it for cost reasons and because I did not have access to a precise enough blade to cut the high quality board I was using.

This looks to be the solution now.


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Posted Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:17 AM

To not suck too much power from one single wall-outlet (main fuse) I have splitted my desk into 2 of this "power strips"), and switchable ones.

So I connected the main systems to one of them, and all other secondary stuff (Monitors, TV Printer, lights...) to the second one.

This divides the power, and I am able to leave the desktop with one "klick" but have the main systems running on, if I want.

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Posted Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:30 AM

you all would cry if i took pictures of my power strips under my desk- it's become pretty unmanageable. 


I'm going to rerun everything when my PEB gets here :)

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