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DISKEY disk and TAPE to DISK bug

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Posted Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:42 PM

It is suffice it to say that most of us are aware of the famous disk utility program: DISKEY by Sparky Starks. It consists of several subroutines.
It was released by Adventure International in 1982. The same company released an XL-XE compatible DISKEY in 1983 ($79 and $7A were substituted by 00 and 01).
However, what puzzled me for long time is that, the TAPE to DISK subroutine always freeze when "DSKYTAP" file is executed.
DISKEY directory:
F#     FILE             EXT      FS     T#
1       DOS             SYS      6       39
2       AUTORUN   SYS       45     17
3       D                             62      7
4       DISKEY                    69      151
5---> DSKYTAP                 220    15   <---
6      DSKYDRV                 235    59
7      DSKYDAT                 294    5
8      DSKYSPC                 299    62
Apparently, in line 5, "DSKYTAP" file has a USR call to address $0680 which has no code whatsoever. Thus DISKEY crashes.
When the B=USR(1664) is REM or deleted, the file will execute successfully.
Of course, I  thought about this USR call and its purpose. Unfortunately, there are many things can be thought of.
The one million $$ question is:
Did Mr. Starks and the publisher (two releases) were not aware of this problem?
The software was reviewed by many magazines and user groups without any mentioning of this bug.
Also, tell date, I could not find any reference discussing the TAPE to DISK bug.
Any one has a clue?

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