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How to use paths on Smartport Hard Drive within programs?

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Posted Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:34 PM

Learning Assembly Language is the way to get Full Control of your System...



Top Porter is working on an AppleSoft Compiler that looks like it generates pretty fast code..


I am a long time Apple ][ user, ( since JAN-1982 ) and have just started getting into the Tandy Color Computer, which has the Motorola MC6809 ( or the Hitachi HD6309 ).




I saw that new compiler.  It looks pretty awesome.  Right now it is limited in what it can compile, but he is still working on it and someday it might be fully compatible with Applesoft BASIC which would be truly amazing.  That doesn't seem to be his plan for the moment, but who knows.  


I also am a long time Apple II user (Apple IIe in school, friend's IIc, another friend's II+, and eventually our own Laser 128 EX).  My mom sold our Laser 128 EX in a garage sale and I was very sad, but at least I ended up with our LC III which I wasn't very attached to at the time, but have been enjoying recently.  When I got my new IIc recently, I was really happy that many of my old floppies still worked and I was able to retrieve most of my old programs.  I am missing a few things, but I could always recreate them better than before.  


If you know Apple II assembly, you will have no problem learning the Motorola 6809 if that is something you are looking to do.  Those Tandy Color Computers were always a mystery to me.  I didn't know if they were re-branded PC's or what.  They seemed to have better graphics than PC's at the time from what I recall.  I had no idea they had 6809's in them!  


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Posted Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:38 PM

I should also have mentioned that the $C054.C055 softswitches also affect the text screen ($400.7FF) for 80-col text and dbl-lo-res graphics.  Most 80-col word processors probably also use this method.  Happy programming.

Thanks!  I played around with double lo-res graphics in the past and noticed it doesn't seem to work on all machines.  If I recall correctly, it works on IIc's (which I now have), but not on IIe's or my old Laser 128 EX.  It was there sort of, but didn't work well or at all from Basic and machine language was the only way to try to use it.  For that reason, I have avoided it for compatibility's sake.  However, that stinks because I think double lo-res is a great mode!  It has lots of color, good enough resolution for many things and is easy to use.

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