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TOM rev2 USB --> Atari adapter does not work on Colecovision.

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Posted Fri Nov 3, 2017 10:59 AM

Edit: Okay, this turned out to be a dead end, since I tried plugging the TOM rev2 into the CV after doing some research and finding there was really no chance of short term damage to the console. However, the CV would not power the TOM rev2 adapter like all the Atari consoles did, so it could not be used with it. So, will not be able to use a USB gamepad or racing wheel with the TOM on the colecovision. It did block the keypad from working on the standard controller hooked up by a y-cable, though, so there was some kind of dysfunctional communication occurring. May still be able to use the usb racing wheel on the ataris though, as long as the game is joystick operated, like pole position, but that is for another section.



My main question is was if the TOM rev2 I describe below (that allows you to use USB gamepads and mice on various Atari consoles) could safely be used on a Colecovision. I know the controller chips in the Colecovision are more fragile concerning voltage inputs than the 2600/7800. I believe it was mainly issues with continuous voltages, such as from autofire adapters, or higher than normal voltages from some modded controllers. This may end up being too obscure of a question, but I thought someone might be familiar with the workings of the outputs from these adapters and the fragility issues of the Colecovision controller chips.


There is an adapter called the TOM (rev2), preceded by the less flexible Jerry and some other similar devices, that allows you to use pretty much any PC usb gamepad (except the XB360/1) or joystick on Ataris from the 2600 to the ST, TT and Falcon that have the 9-pin controller connector. It has two button support with the 7800 with the Edladdin Seagull 78. It also works with the Amiga and probably the vic20, C64 and C128. You can also use it with Playstation 1/2 gamepads if you have a simple PS1/2-to-USB adapter. It also works with USB mice and trackballs if a game has Atari ST or Amiga mouse support, but with a more variable degree of glitchiness than the gamepads. One caveat with gamepads and joysticks in case this made you interested in one: There seems to be a timing glitch with games where you have to simultaneously hit a direction and fire, such as jumping from a standstill in alligator jumping in pitfall, some barrel jumping situations in Donkey Kong and flapping and changing directions in joust. However, it works great for other types of games with more fluid motion, such as defender, scramble, Bentley Bear, etc.





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