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The Atari Lynx HandyCast Podcast - Coming February 1, 2018

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Posted Sun Dec 3, 2017 6:45 PM

Atari Lynx HandyCast (cover photo)


I hope everyone here will join me.



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Posted Sun Dec 3, 2017 9:15 PM

I'll be listening!  I miss my Lynx.

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Posted Tue Dec 5, 2017 8:36 AM

Hello, fellow Lynxians.
Thanks to all of you who have already liked the Atari Lynx HandyCast FB page and are patiently waiting for the podcast to arrive in February. And to those who haven't hit the Like button yet: go ahead and do it (you know you want to).
I thought I would take this time to give everyone a brief (well, maybe it's not so brief) outline of what I have in mind for the HandyCast:
To begin with, I hope everyone following me on this journey understands that I am not the expert on all things Atari Lynx; there are others out there that I'm sure know the ins-and-outs of the system better than I do (especially in the technical realm, because I'm actually dangerous with a soldering iron in my hand); to those folks in this community, I welcome your input and expertise. However, I will say that I have totally immersed myself in the Lynx since I first got one back in February of this year, and as I have had some experience with podcasting already, I thought I would go ahead and take up the torch.
My first episode, episode 00, will cover the history of the console. It will also include my own experience with the system, brief though it may be.
After that, each monthly episode (episode 01 to episode 36) will cover two Atari-published Lynx games. I plan to go in part number order so that I'm reviewing games generally (but not always) in chronological order. There are 62 Atari-published games released during the original run of the Lynx (1989-~1994/95). Every sixth episode or so I will cover 2 of the 10 games released by third-party vendors (Telegames, Shadowsoft, and Beyond Games) during that same time. At two games per month, that means that I should finish covering the 72 original-release games in three years (roughly February of 2021).
At that point I'll decide whether to cover the later releases games (Bubble Trouble, Alien vs. Predator, etc.), homebrew games (Alpine Games, Weltenschläkter, etc.) and other self-published and/or prototype titles for the Lynx. Of course, someone else may decide to cover those games in their own podcast before I get to them, and that of course is fine. For myself, I'm just focusing on the list of 72 titles that are generally accepted by the Lynx community to be the original games released during the Lynx's brief lifetime on the market.
Episode 01 will cover the first two games in part number order published by Atari for the Lynx: Blue Lightning (PA2020) and Electrocop (PA2021), both of which were launch titles for the Lynx I. As I will in all of my coverage (and as Ferg does in his excellent long-running podcast The Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast), I will include statistics about each game, a review of its gameplay, graphics, music, and the people who worked on them, as well as my own thoughts on each game. I will also include how much each game has recently sold on eBay; we all want to keep on top of that in order to know how much to budget to get the carts we don't have, right?
Most importantly, I also hope to include feedback and opinions on the games I will be covering from everyone and anyone in the Atari Lynx community. I want the HandyCast to be OUR podcast for our beloved system, not just mine.
And speaking of the community: I've already received suggestions about people in the community or industry whom I might want to interview for the HandyCast. If I can secure these interviews, I will post them as special episodes alongside the original 36 planned episodes.
Lastly, I want to make this podcast fun for our great community, not just informative. I want anyone listening to the HandyCast who doesn't already own a Lynx to be excited about picking one up. And I also want to inspire those gamers and collectors whom are already Lynx owners and collectors to spread the word.
Eat. Sleep. LYNX. Repeat.
Mark Little
a.k.a. MillipedeMan

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Posted Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:28 PM

The Atari Lynx HandyCast is now available on both iTunes (Apple Podcasts) and on Stitcher. Coming soon to Google Play Music and to TuneIn.

Next episode of The Atari Lynx HandyCast will be "EPISODE 01: Blue Lightning," and I'll be posting it Monday, February 19. Please email me at mark@atarilynxhandycast.net with your feedback and/or memories about this or any other Atari Lynx games. The clock's a-tickin'!


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