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800XL with Alps keyboardóbroken spacebar?

800XL Alps Keyboard

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Posted Mon Mar 5, 2018 10:55 PM

I recently bought an 800XL with the coveted Alps keyboard—I've been wanting to try one out and see how it compares to other variants. Unfortunately, the seller packed it diagonally in a small box with wads of paper stuffed in so tight that most of the keys were pressed down. On the plus side, this prevented the "ingot" power supply from rattling around inside the box and smashing up the case. However, when I pulled the case out, I heard what sounded like something snapping. Hopefully it was just something shifting in the bottom of the box, but I did notice that the spacebar was somewhat loose.


I took the case apart and took the keyboard out. The unit looks pristine, almost like it was never used save for a little bit of dust between the keys. I noticed that the Alps keyboard spacebar has the key switch under the right side of the spacebar, and a spring under the left side. Coincidentally, it's the side of the spacebar away from the switch that is loose—I'm able to move the left side of the spacebar up and down a little with light pressure.


For those that have an 800XL with an Alps keyboard, is this just normal behavior? It makes sense that the side of the spacebar that's not attached to the switch would be a little looser, so I'm hoping no damage was done. If I'd known about the tight packing, I would have just cut the box open from the start. :(

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Posted Sat Aug 25, 2018 12:50 PM

Did you get a better look at your spacebar?

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Posted Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:22 PM

I didn’t, but I did get a look at someone else’s 800XL Alps keyboard. The spacebar on that one had similar play. I think it might just be normal behavior for that keyboard. Anyway, it works fine!

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