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My mediocre collection

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Posted Sun Mar 18, 2018 12:30 AM

I own literally dozens of systems--it's not feasible to collect for all of them, for several reasons (well, really just three, I guess...space, money, and time are finite :-D).


Indeed. And the MORE systems you collect, the less you can enjoy one single system. Just ask Bill he'll say the same thing I bet.


I wish I could pin-down the exact time and day of when I decided to collect videogames. Or what the critical mass was. When it changed from eagerly awaited trips to Sears, TurnStyle, Venture, Toys'R'Us, and Minnesota Fats - to "hey I got a library of vidyahgamez!"


And even more so when I decided to hang on to all my Apple II material come hell or high water.




It seems to be turning out (informal survey and hearsay) that 4 gaming consoles and 2, maybe 3, classic computer ecologies is the ideal sweet spot for universal enjoyment. From hoarding to collecting, from programing to playing, from displaying to ... whatever. Apparently those numbers allow you explore all those aspects and more without overload or deprivation. Enough to eliminate boredom and yet not consume your hobby time to point of dissatisfaction and annoyance. So you see there is nothing wrong with a "mediocre" collection!


And if you limit yourself like that you'll go through cycles and easily explore different aspects of the collection. I'm on a documentation kick now and have been for some time. Not that I'm hoarding papers and books. I purchased only 5 manuals this whole year so far. Must have been a year since I played a game on real hardware other than a PC. Even Apple II. Who knows what will come next?!?

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Posted Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:44 PM


Indeed. And the MORE systems you collect, the less you can enjoy one single system. Just ask Bill he'll say the same thing I bet.


Quite so. And I've even been downsizing!


My Achilles Heel is I love hardware. Even if I'm not necessarily super into a system, I still like to have it to futz around with now and then...even if it ends up being years before I actually get around to it. For most of those, I'm content with the collections I already have for them (typically consisting of "the greatest hits") or SD cartridges/drives. Thankfully, showing systems at Midwest Gaming Classic forces me to revisit some things I don't ordinarily make much time for.


But for the systems I AM super into...I also collect console variations. :| Fortunately, that's a pretty small, elite group, and even then I've backed off...partly because I already have most of them...but at least I've decided I don't need a Sears Light Sixer to go with my dozen-odd other 2600-compatible systems, or a Super Video Arcade to cap off my Intellivision console collection! See, progress! :P :-D


(I know it sounds like I'm verging on "hoarder," but my collection is actually very well stored and organized, or even displayed, as the case may be. And I have been cutting down, swearsies! :))

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Posted Wed May 2, 2018 1:47 PM


Took a better shot of the arcades and pins. The mad planets is a project I've been working on for a while. It started out as a broken video poker. Soon to have a jrok board.

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