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Keycaps don't stay on very well?

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Posted Mon Jun 4, 2018 2:33 PM

I will apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere but I did search and didn't see anything quite related to this issue.


I finally pulled out an old 44a I've had in its box for nearly 20 years this weekend to finally test an AV cable I made up for my Atari systems and decided I would give the TI some time for a bit.


It works just fine and looks pretty good on composite (first time i've seen it in composite as I used to use the large switchbox on it before).


Anyway, I decided it was time to clean it up as nice as I could since I noticed quite a few of the games were being finicky in being detected. In the process I decided i would take one of the keycaps off to see about cleaning up the grime around them. My TI appears to have the nicer keyboard assembly with the green posts and little metal finger contacts that meet in the top center of the post when pressed down? I've not see a keyboard switch like this before, but anyway.


I cleaned up the keycaps with some soapy water and wiped them nice and clean and set them out to air dry for a complete day. I've noticed that since they have been taken off, they don't seem to stay on very well now? If I happen to turn the system on its side or upside down, most of the keycaps will simply fall off now?


They were not difficult at all to pull loose with just a light pull on each they came right off, but again, gravity now seems to win in keeping them in there. Is there some secret to putting them back on and having them stay on well? I just pressed them back on but didn't hear a click or anything like that to indicate they were locked in.

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Posted Mon Jun 4, 2018 7:01 PM

Double tap each one with about double the force you would use to press a normal key down. Make sure you push all the way down--and they will set properly.

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