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Atari 5200 Console box variant?

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Posted Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:56 PM

I'm new to the forum.  I was directed here by somebody in the community.

I was recently gifted a complete Atari 5200 console in box.  The box contains a "Free Pac-Man" sticker in the top left corner.  I know those are pretty common, however, the sticker on my box is green and not blue.  Its phrasing is also different than the blue sticker boxes I have seen online.  It also contains a "Sears" sale sticker.  Could someone explain the variation, its rarity, etc?  I have no plans on selling, I was just inquiring about the story behind this particular variant (sticker color primarily).  Thanks.

See below:


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Posted Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:44 PM

The main differences I can tell are that the green sticker was added to the box for the 4-port system ("Advanced Video Entertainment System"), while the box for the 2-port system ("Supersystem") has the blue sticker.


The green sticker on the 4-port box is actually a correction notice, stating that Pac-Man replaces Super Breakout as the pack-in game.


The blue one says "Free Pac-Man, the world's most popular video game, blah blah blah."


FWIW there's also the Atari Corp. box. It's square and gray (instead of rectangular and silver) and depicts a 2-port system, which is usually what you'll find in one, but I've heard of 4-port systems being packaged in them as well. Atari Corp. didn't actually produce any 5200 systems or games, but repackaged and sold off old backstock they inherited from the old Atari Inc.

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Posted Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:47 PM


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